UK Forecast - April 25, 2015
Rain clearing the SE

For East Anglia and southern parts of England it's a cloudy start to the day with outbreaks of rain across south eastern parts of England. By the afternoon this is expected to have cleared away as it turns brighter as sunnier spells begin to develop across the south. For Wales and much of northern England it's looking dry with sunny spells. A number of showers to affect Scotland, Northern Ireland and perhaps the far north east of England. A chilly day to come with maximum temperatures of 8 to 13 Celsius.

Sunday night
Through the evening a few heavy showers may persist across the north coasts of Northern Ireland and eastern Scotland and overnight these may extend into southern Scotland with a few across North Wales and Northern Ireland. Dry across the rest of Britain with clear spells. Rather breezy overnight with a frost in sheltered locations. Expect lows of -1 to 4 Celsius.

Quite windy and feeling cold today. It's going to remain unsettled with a good deal of cloud and occasional showers. Over the Cambrians and the northern hills these are likely to be wintry. Parts of southern England may escape with a dry day. This evening and tonight an area of rain with hill snow is to affect Northern Ireland, Scotland and perhaps Snowdonia. Some rain too for northern England. Southern parts of England and Wales should be largely dry. A very windy night across northern parts of England. Expect top temperatures of 7 to 12 Celsius.

It continues breezy and rather cold today. Another unsettled day in store for the United Kingdom and generally cloudy with lots of showers and longer spells of rain. Over the Highlands the showers will fall as snow. This evening a number of showers will persist in the west and across the south of England. Overnight much of the country may be dry with a good deal of cloud in the south and clear spells in the north. Expect top temperatures of 7 to 12 Celsius.

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