UK Forecast - July 24, 2014
Warm sunshine
Showers developing

Most places are again fine and dry with sunshine on Friday. Early low cloud in central and eastern areas should soon clear, retreating back toward North Sea coasts. However, north-eastern coastal areas of England and eastern Scotland may be plagued by low cloud most of the day, perhaps mist patches. Toward evening, cloud is likely to extend back inland from the east. Very isolated afternoon showers may form over the hills in western Britain, and perhaps southern coastal counties of England. Higher risk of catching a heavy shower in western Ireland. Light north-easterly winds for England, feeling fresh on eastern coasts. Light variable winds in Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Coastal sea breezes around southern and western coasts. Warm again, highs 23 to 27C, but cooler near the coast.

Friday night
Dry for most overnight. Low cloud and mist will move inland from the North Sea, perhaps most extensively in East Anglia. Toward the west of Scotland and Ireland, cloud thickens and patchy rain moves into the far north-west of Ireland and the Western Isles toward dawn. Light northerly winds in the east, but becoming south-westerly in the west. Overnight lows may fall to 7 to 10C in rural northern Britain, but typically 12 to 15C in towns and cities.

A weak area of low pressure is situated over northern Scotland on Saturday, and a cold front moves south-eastwards across Ireland. Quite cloudy toward the north and west, sunny spells for most of England and Wales, best east and south. Patchy rain for Ireland and western Scotland, perhaps a few heavier bursts. Eastern Scotland, plus most of England and Wales will see little if any rain, but a few scattered showers may develop later in the day for western areas. Low risk showers over Europe affecting the far south-east. Light winds for most, but a freshening north-westerly breeze developing in the west. Highs 26 to 29C inland for England, cooler on the coasts. A fresher 19 to 23C for the west and north-west.

High pressure is situated to the west of Ireland on Sunday, whilst low pressure is centred over the North Sea. A cold front moves south-eastwards across England, and this may lead to a few thundery showers, most likely for central and eastern England. Heavy bursts of rain may also affect Scotland, mostly toward the east. Western and south-western areas of England and much of Wales are generally dry with sunny spells, although a few showers may affect west Wales later in the day. A brisk north-westerly breeze around southern and western coasts. Scattered thundery showers for Ireland, mostly in the east. Highs 19 to 25C, coolest north-west Scotland, warmest south-east England.

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