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UK Forecast - July 29, 2016
Sunshine and scattered showers
Chilly overnight

Low pressure over Scandinavia promotes a north-westerly flow across the country. Broken cloud and sunshine, typically best near the coasts, particularly south & west. Drizzly showers around hills and coasts of the north-west in the morning will fade, then isolated passing light showers for central & eastern inland areas by afternoon. Breezy in the north, lighter winds south. Highs 16 to 18C north, 19 to 21C Midlands, 23C south-east.

Saturday night
Dry for much of Britain and Ireland overnight. Rare if any drizzly showers most places. Breezy in northern Britain. Showers in north-western Scotland may be locally frequent. Clear spells developing and dropping rather cool, temperatures 10 to 12C urban areas, but falling to 6 to 8C rural areas, or below 5C some sheltered valleys in northern Britain.

Low pressure over Scandinavia and high pressure to the south-west of the British Isles. Dry for many with plenty of sunshine. Fair-weather cloud will slowly build inland, which may develop to form scattered light showers in central & eastern areas by afternoon. Coasts in the west & south staying mostly sunny. Showery much of the day in north-west Scotland. A fresh north-westerly breeze in north. Highs 16 to 22C from north to south.

Pressure is expected to be fairly high across the country. A cool north-westerly flow for northern areas, whilst fronts begin to approach from the Atlantic toward the south-west. Many areas dry with sunshine, which may weaken in the south-west as high cloud builds. Possibility of rain reaching south-west England, south Wales & southern Ireland, but the risk considered small for now. Rare showers elsewhere. Light winds. Highs 17 to 23C.

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