UK Forecast - December 19, 2014
Dry for many Saturday
Chilly wind; showers north

Showery rain for northern Britain to start Saturday morning, which may be persistent for a few hours, and wintry over the Scottish mountains. Gradually showers will reduce, and by afternoon very few should remain, and mostly light and brief. A dry and bright day for the Midlands and southern England with a good amount of sunshine. Clouds will thicken from the west across Britain and Ireland through the day. Strong westerly winds, particularly in the north, easing slowly through the day. Feeling cool, 5 to 7C for most, perhaps 9C in the far south.

Saturday night
Cloudy but dry for many on Saturday evening and overnight, although south-eastern England may hold on to broken cloud. Drizzly light rain developing for western parts of Ireland and Scotland, and will become increasingly persistent over the West Highlands overnight. Light winds for most, but will south-westerlies will freshen again in the north and west, reaching gale force near coasts and on hills. Overnight lows 4 to 6C, locally lower in the south-east where skies remain clear for longest.

Early brightness in south-east England is likely to be short lived. A broadly cloudy day for the Midlands and southern Britain, but mostly staying dry apart from a little drizzle. Drizzly rain becoming more persistent for north-western parts of England and Wales, and may set in heavier across Cumbria. Heavy rain will affect western Scotland for most of the day, but very little in eastern Scotland. A few bursts of rain for Northern Ireland, mostly drizzly and light across the Republic. A breezy day with winds reaching gale force around coast and hills. Temperatures rising through the day to around 7 to 10C by evening.

A westerly pattern will affect Britain and Ireland on Monday. Fronts will extend from west to east, bringing rain to central and northern areas of England and Wales, and much of Ireland. Heaviest and most persistent rain will be for west Wales and Cumbria, perhaps also south-west Scotland. Drizzly, patchy rain elsewhere. Frequent showers for northern Scotland, wintry over the mountains. Blustery winds. Mild in the south, with highs of 11 or 12C from about the Midlands south, whilst northern England and Scotland will be cooler, nearer to 6 or 7C.

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