UK Forecast - August 01, 2015
Sunny & warm south
Windy in west

Warm sunshine developing widely across England and Wales. A warm front advances north, giving a little rain or drizzle for north-west England at first, pushing north across Scotland, turning damp for several hours locally. Rain on and off for Ireland, most persistent in west. A deep Atlantic low brings freshening southerly winds, reaching gale force for western Ireland. Highs 23 to 26C in south & east, nearer 17 to 20C in north-west.

Sunday night
Dry for most of Britain on Sunday evening and night. Patchy drizzle affects the far north of Scotland for a time. A front crossing Ireland gives a few showery bursts of rain. Fresh south to south-easterly winds, particularly coastal regions. Staying mild, lowest temperatures around 11 to 16C, and feeling muggy in south-east England.

A deep low to the west pushes a cold front across Britain. Bursts of showery rain in western regions, spreading north & east during the afternoon and evening. Scattered thundery showers may affect south-eastern areas later. Some sun in the east early in the day. Brighter skies and isolated showers for Ireland & western Britain later. A strong southerly breeze. Feeling humid, highs 20 to 24C for many, but 27 or 28C in south-east England.

Low pressure to the north-west maintains an unsettled pattern for some. Blustery winds, strongest in the west. Areas of frequent heavy showers for west and north-western areas of Britain & Ireland. Central and south-eastern Britain may remain dry most of the day, small risk a shower. Temperatures between 16 and 23C, warmest in the south-east, and also in the lee of high ground in the north-east.

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