UK Forecast - August 01, 2014
Heavy rain Saturday
Worst in west

Low pressure moves slowly northwards across the UK on Saturday, bringing slow moving areas of rain and heavy showers. The heaviest rain is expected to affect western regions of England and Wales, extending into northern England and southern Scotland, where widespread falls of 20-30mm are expected, locally in excess of 50-60mm over the hills of Wales, Cumbria and the Southern Uplands. Even away from these areas, there is still the risk of heavy bursts, which may give a couple of hours of rain. Rain only reaches the north-west Highlands of Scotland during the afternoon. An improving story for southern Britain, with scattered heavy bursts and occasional sunshine by afternoon. Mostly light winds, although gusty around some coasts, and near heavy showers. Temperatures ranging from 17 to 24C, cool where rain persists.

Saturday night
Heavy rain will continue to move north, reaching the far north of Scotland by Saturday evening, and persist over Highland Scotland throughout much of the night. Bursts of locally heavy rain will remain scattered across England, Wales and Ireland, but tending to ease and break up. By dawn, heavy bursts of rain may still affect Scotland, Northern Ireland and the far north of England. Southern Britain becoming generally dry. Overnight lows between 10 and 13C for most.

Low pressure continues to affect northern Britain on Sunday. Heavy and at times thundery rain will continue to affect Scotland, perhaps also Northern Ireland and Cumbria for a time. Gusty winds may locally touch gale force around exposed coasts and hills. Most of England, Wales and southern Ireland will see a vastly improved day, with sunny spells, although there may still be a few scattered showers. Brighter skies slowly extend northwards through the day. Temperatures rising to 23 or 24C in the south, but only 15 to 18C in Scotland where rain persists.

A south-westerly pattern across the British Isles on Monday, with low pressure to the north-west and high pressure to the south-east. Starting windy in Scotland, but easing through the day. More cloud toward the west, with scattered showers for western regions of Britain and Ireland, perhaps the odd shower moving into the Midlands later. Southern and eastern England are mostly fine with broken cloud and sunny spells. Fronts to the west may bring a spell of rain to Ireland later in the day. Highs 17 to 21C in the west, 23 to 25C in the east.

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