Morning Call - November 27, 2023
Largely unsettled
More pleasant from the north

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 27th November 2023
Duty forecaster: Ishani Mistry

Feeling chilly with rain and showers, but more pleasant conditions from the north

Good morning,

The day begins with rain over the Midlands and northern Wales, with some heavy bursts mixed in. Persistent rain and drizzle across southern England, and overcast conditions elsewhere. Showery across northeastern and western coastal regions. Some snow over high ground in the northeast, but mostly showery in the north. Feeling chilly, windy, and wet for most.

In the afternoon, the rain begins to clear slightly from the north, with a few sunny spells, particularly across Wales, northern England, and Ireland. Cloudy conditions and patchy rain in the southeast and central areas, more persistent across western and southern coasts. Windy conditions persist.

Drier conditions overnight for most of England, Wales, and Ireland. Showers across southeast Engand and eastern Scotland, particularly along coastal regions.


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