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UK Forecast - October 02, 2016
Sunny, windier and dry
Little change this week

It becomes increasingly windy across Britain, especially in the west. This will make it feel chilly, taking the edge off of normal temperatures for this time of year. High pressure to the east of Britain will dominate the weather scene for today and much of the week keeping fronts to the west. A fine, dry day to come across Britain with long spells of unbroken sunshine. Expect maximums of 12 to 17 Celsius.

Monday night
Through the evening and the night it stays quite with the strongest winds across western areas. It stays dry across the country into the evening and night with mostly clear skies. More cloud though may be found in the west. Not as chilly tonight with the brisk winds. Expect minimum temperatures of 8 to 13 Celsius.

It continues quite breezy Britain today. High pressure again will give all parts of the country a dry day. We may find more in the way of cloud across the north and the west today with the best of the sunshine across The Midlands, southern and eastern England. A fine evening and night is expected with clear skies across much of England and Wales. Generally more cloud is likely across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Expect top temperatures of 14 to 18 Celsius.

Mostly cloudy but a dry day across Northern Ireland. Strong south easterly winds will prevail across the country today. We expect another dry day across the United Kingdom with good spells of sunshine. This will be followed by a dry evening and night under clear skies and it remains quite breezy. Temperatures are expected to be close to normal but feeling chilly in those winds. Look for high temperatures of 14 to 16 Celsius.

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