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UK Forecast - January 01, 2017
Colder, sunny spells
Showers in east

Colder into Monday. Brisk north to north west winds will lessen though the day. Fine and dry for most parts of the United Kingdom with plenty of crisp, wintry sunshine. More cloud is likely to be found near eastern coasts along with a scattering of rain and sleety showers. A few showers too near the north coast of Northern Ireland but it will be dry and sunnier inland. Expect highs of 3 to 6 Celsius.

Monday Night
Fine and dry this evening with clear skies. Temperatures will be dropping through the evening as it becomes quite cold overnight with a widespread and sharp frost. Windier, cloudier and frost free across Scotland and Northern Ireland. Minimum temperatures of -4 to 3 Celsius.

Windy in the north and the east and feeling cold again today. Apart from some patchy rain in the north west of Scotland, high pressure is expected to give much of Britain a fine, dry day with good sunny spells after a cold, frosty start with a few fog patches. Some light rain may affect the north of Scotland tonight. Most of the country will be dry with a frost perhaps restricted to the far south of England where it will be less windy. Look for high temperatures of 4 to 7 Celsius.

A windier morning, less windy for the afternoon. High pressure will give another dry day for much of the country with sunny spells and some occasional cloud. Just a few showers across the Western Isles. Dry for the evening and night and as the winds fall light, expect a widespread frost to develop and across England and Wales fog is likely to form, becoming locally dense and freezing by morning. Look for high temperatures of 5 to 8 Celsius.

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