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UK Forecast - October 09, 2016
Showers in the east
A chilly wind persists

Quite a chilly start to the day with a touch of frost in some rural parts of Wales, north west England and Scotland. We can expect lots of sunshine today across a good part of Britain. A chilly north east wind though will continue to feed in occasional cloud and scattered showers to north east England and East Anglia this morning along with south western parts of Scotland. In the afternoon the showers should be confined to Humberside and East Anglia with a few reaching the East Midlands. Expect maximums of 11 to 14 Celsius.

Monday night
Through the evening showers will persist across parts of East Anglia otherwise it's a breezy but dry evening with clear spells. Overnight a belt of showers runs in across the North Sea coasts from south west Scotland to East Anglia. Across central, northern and western areas it's a dry, mostly clear and chilly night with a frost in rural parts of Scotland. Expect minimum temperatures of 5 to 8 Celsius.

A chilly, windier day, especially across Scotland. Overall there looks to be little over change in the weather pattern with the onshore wind continuing to bring in more cloud and scattered showers to eastern parts of England and Scotland. Western areas will be best. It stays quite breezy through the evening and the night. Much of Britain will be dry with clear spells except for a few showers across eastern coasts. Temperatures are expected a bit below normal and feeling chillier in those winds. Expect top temperatures of 11 to 15 Celsius.

A brisk easterly wind keeps the chilly theme going into Wednesday. More in the way of cloud is expected across Britain today with the best of any sunshine towards southern Wales and south west England. Showers to affect eastern Scotland along with northern and eastern parts of England. Fewer showers to come in the afternoon. For the evening and night any showers will be near to North Sea coasts. Dry for inland areas and staying breezy. Look for high temperatures of 11 to 15 Celsius.

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