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UK Forecast - October 30, 2016
Mostly cloudy, mild
Rain in north west

Outbreaks of rain and drizzle will affect northern Scotland on and off during the course of the day. It will be a mild day across Britain. Fog may be quite dense across south east of England. We expect lots of low cloudiness and mistiness but overall a dry day for the remainder of Britain. Any sunshine will be quite limited probably to the far south and south east of England later in the afternoon. Expect maximums of 12 to 16 Celsius.

Sunday night
There remains the risk of some light rain and drizzle across northern Scotland and parts of Northern Ireland during the evening and night. For southern Scotland along with England and Wales it will be staying dry but with largely cloudy skies and there will be some mist and fog. A mild night to come with minimum temperatures of 10 to 12 Celsius.

Another mild day in store for the United Kingdom After a grey, misty morning, somewhat drier air coming in from the continent will bring in more in the way of sunshine to England and Wales. After a dry morning across Scotland, an area of more persistent rain will spread in across northern Scotland and the Northern Isles. That rain in the north of Scotland in the evening becomes light and patchy as it moves into southern Scotland during the night. A clear, dry night across Wales and the southern half of England. Here some fog patches are likely to develop. Expect top temperatures of 12 to 17 Celsius.

A weak cold front will be moving south during the day and while it looks to be a dry day for many, it will introduce colder air and more cloud from the north on an increasing north west wind. Just a few showers to come around the coasts of northern Scotland. In the evening the clouds disperse leading to a dry, clear and colder night. It remains quite breezy with any frost likely to be found in areas sheltered from the wind. Look for high temperatures of 9 to 16 Celsius north to south.

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