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UK Forecast - October 21, 2016
Feeling cool
A few showers east

High pressure to the north-east and low pressure to the south-west produces a cool easterly pattern across the British Isles. Showers will drift onto eastern coasts, some pushing well inland, particularly in north-east England & eastern Scotland. Largely dry in central & western regions. Variable cloud and some sunshine. Early fog patches will clear. Winds fairly light, but expect a breeze for most places. Highs just 11 to 14C.

Saturday night
A mix of partly cloudy skies and clear spells overnight. Most frequent cloud breaks will be toward the west, where sheltered spots may see fog patches form. A few showers remain likely in eastern coastal counties. A freshening breeze across south-west England. Lowest temperatures 4 to 7C for most, but some rural locations in the west & north may dip close to freezing, so a ground frost is possible.

Most of central & western Britain & Ireland will be dry all day, best sunshine typically to the west of high ground. Showery rain in the east, may be frequent for coasts & hills in the north-east of England & Scotland, but fewer showers toward East Anglia. An easterly breeze for all, but very windy in the south-west, where rain also threatens later. Feeling chilly, top temperatures just 10 to 13C, highest inland in the south.

A slack south-easterly pattern and uncertainty regarding the progress of a front across southern Britain. Outbreaks of rain are likely to extend across southern counties of England & Wales, and may turn persistent for several hours. Areas of rain or drizzle for coasts in the east & north-east. Mostly light winds. Driest and brightest toward the north-west of Britain & Ireland. Rather cool where rain persists, 10 to 14C.

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