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UK Forecast - October 20, 2016
Showers mostly east
Feeling cool

Slack high pressure brings benign conditions to west & northern Britain & Ireland. Some early fog patches. A cool northerly breeze affects eastern England. Dry for most central regions, but showers will affect eastern counties, most frequent close to North Sea coasts, particularly in East Anglia. Risk of patchy light rain across western Scotland. Fairly cloudy, but a little sun breaking through at times. Top temperatures 11 to 14C.

Friday night
Showers continue to affect eastern coastal regions. Largely dry elsewhere, local patches of drizzle some hills. Broken cloud and some clear spells in the west. Local fog patches may form in low-lying areas. Winds mostly light, although a breeze around the coasts. Lowest temperatures may dip close to freezing in sheltered valleys of Wales, Scotland & north-west England; nearer 5 or 6C for the Midlands, 8C in the east.

An easterly pattern influences the British Isles. Showers in eastern regions, may locally produce frequent rain near some North Sea coasts. A few showers will advance well inland. Mainly dry in western Britain. Risk of showers over the Irish Sea drifting into eastern parts of Ireland. A lot of cloud overall, occasional sun. Fairly light winds in central areas, but breezy around exposed coasts. Temperatures 11 to 14C.

Dry for many places, with broken cloud and occasional sun, generally best in the west & north-west. A few showers are likely along North Sea coasts, mainly north-east England & eastern Scotland. Some rain may encroach into the far south-west later. A fresh easterly breeze along English Channel coasts, but fairly light winds elsewhere. Local morning mist patches will soon clear. Cool, highs 10 to 13C.

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