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UK Forecast - October 06, 2016
Mostly cloudy, some sun
Showers mainly eastern coasts

A large area of high pressure over Scandinavia continues to dominate the weather pattern across northern Europe. A cool easterly breeze affects the British Isles. Fairly cloudy, particularly in the east, but sunny spells in the west, the best of the sunshine toward western Scotland. A few showers moving onto eastern coastal districts, locally spreading well inland, but mostly light and passing through quickly. Highs 13 to 17C, warmest west.

Friday night
Broken cloud and some clear skies overnight. Dry for most places. Local light showers around some east & southern coasts, most frequent in East Anglia. A cool easterly breeze. Some mist patches may form before dawn in sheltered valleys toward the west of Britain. Lowest temperatures 9 to 12C in the east, 5 to 8C Midlands, north & west, but locally 2 or 3C in rural valleys of Scotland, Wales & NW England.

A continued east to north-easterly breeze, will make it feel cool in exposure in the east. Variable cloud and some sunshine, best in western areas, particularly to the lee of high ground in Scotland & Wales. Scattered showers drifting into eastern counties from the North Sea. Risk of frequent bursts of rain toward the south-east, locally heavy. Temperatures 12 or 14C in the east, 15C central areas, up to locally 17C south & west.

A similar easterly pattern across the country. Variable cloud and some sunshine, best toward the west. A few showers are likely to drift off the North Sea into eastern districts of England, perhaps more widespread than previous days. A cool north-easterly breeze affects England & Wales. Lighter winds in Scotland, which may allow some mist patches to form before dawn, although will clear in the morning. Top temperatures 13 to 16C.

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