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UK Forecast - September 30, 2016
Heavy downpours Saturday
Brighter for all Sunday

Clusters of heavy showers advance east across Wales, the Midlands & south, giving some torrential bursts, hail & thunder. Rain may locally set in for several hours. Risk of thundery bursts in the far south-east in morning, but most eastern counties should start dry. Brighter in Scotland, Ireland & northern England, just local showers. Clearer spells slowly extend to Wales & the west. Gusty winds near coasts in south & west. Cool, highs 12 to 16C.

Saturday night
Skies will clear from the west as pressure builds across Britain & Ireland. Heavy bursts of rain in eastern England will slowly fade into the night. Light winds in the west & north, but a fresh north-westerly breeze in the east. Overnight temperatures dipping to 4 to 8C, lowest in the west & north, whilst some rural areas will fall close to freezing, particularly in the Scottish Highlands, resulting in a slight frost by dawn.

A much brighter day for all, with plenty of sunshine. Any residual showers around the coasts of East Anglia in the morning will soon fade. Local mist patches early morning in some low lying spots inland, soon thinning. Fronts approaching from the Atlantic bring rain to western Ireland into the night. Mostly light winds, but breezy at first in the east, and freshening later in west. Feeling fresh, top temperatures by afternoon 14 to 17C.

High pressure centred over Scandinavia, and slow-moving fronts located to the west of Britain. Dry and bright for England, Wales & eastern Scotland. Starting cool with early mist patches. Plenty of sunshine in the south & east. Thicker cloud in the west, and Ireland is likely to see persistent heavy rain, also grazing western Scotland. A brisk southerly breeze, strongest in the west. Generally very mild, warmest in south-east, 15 to 19C.

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