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UK Forecast - October 07, 2016
Dry for many, cool
Showers east & south-east

Cloudy for many areas, particularly in central & eastern parts, whilst western Britain should see greater cloud breaks and some sun. Locations west of high ground should see plenty of sun through the day. Patches of drizzle, mostly in the east. A few showery bursts are possible in the south-east, locally frequent. An east to north-easterly breeze will make it feel cool. Temperatures 12 to 14C in the north, 15 to 17C in the south.

Saturday night
Areas of drizzle or local showers will continue to affect some eastern regions, whilst many places will be dry overnight. Largely cloudy in the east, but some clear breaks inland and toward the west. A cool north-easterly breeze. Local mist patches may form in sheltered spots. Lowest temperatures 7 to 10C in the east, 3 to 6C in Midlands, west & north. Risk slight frost in Scottish glens, and rural valleys elsewhere.

Little change to the prevailing north-easterly pattern. Variable cloud and some sunshine, best toward the west. Expect showers around North Sea coasts, drifting inland into eastern counties of England, may be locally frequent. A few drizzly showers may reach the Midlands, but these well scattered. A cool breeze for England & Wales. Light winds in Scotland. Feeling cool, highs 12 to 14C central & northern areas, up to 16C in the south.

High pressure extends across north-western Britain & Ireland. A north or north-easterly breeze for England & Wales. Bright with some sunshine, best in western regions. More cloud in the east, and showers will move onto North Sea coasts. These may become locally frequent and heavy. Showers will tend to drift inland through the day toward the East Midlands. Feeling chilly in the wind. Temperatures 11 to 15C.

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