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UK Forecast - October 13, 2016
Dry for many Friday
Persistent rain eastern Scotland

High pressure remains centred over Scandinavia, maintaining an easterly flow across the British Isles. A slow moving front brings persistent rain and brisk winds for eastern Scotland, although very little rain reaches the West Highlands. A few localised showers for England, Wales & Northern Ireland, but many places will stay dry. Mostly cloudy, some sun breaking through. A moderate easterly breeze for most. Cool, highs 11 to 13C, perhaps 15C far south.

Friday night
Areas of rain or showers affect the far south-west into the night. Another batch of rain spreads from the Low Countries toward the far south-east of England, although the worst of this rain may just graze the coasts of East Anglia, then pushing north into eastern areas of Yorkshire before dawn. Rain fades for a time in eastern Scotland. Cloudy skies for most places, starting murky on Saturday. Breezy in north. Lows 7 to 11C.

Low pressure centred to the west brings pulses of showery rain to the south-west of England & Wales, also much of Ireland, merging into persistent rain. An occluded front pivots north across the North Sea, bringing prolonged falls of rain to eastern Scotland, plus a strong easterly wind. The Midlands & south-east should escape mainly fair with some sunshine. Highs 11 to 14C north & west, but warmer at 17C in south-east as the breeze turns southerly.

Pulses of heavy showery rain pushing north & east across Britain through the day, become most frequent and widespread into the afternoon, may merge into several hours of constant rain. Scotland & north-east England may escape dry for many hours. Occasional sun, but mostly cloudy. A fresh breeze from the south. Fairly mild away from rain, temperatures 13 to 16C north, up to 17 or 18C south.

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