Week ahead - March 06, 2015
Dry south and east
Rain at times north & west

Issued: 0930hrs Friday 6th March 2015
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Temperatures often mild

A good deal of dry weather during the week ahead, particularly across central and southern Britain, and often mild, at times pleasantly warm in sunshine. Wind and rain occasionally affects northern and western regions, most widespread this weekend and early in the week.

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Monday 09/03/15
A slight frost possible to start Monday morning. An area of low pressure moves north-eastwards across the British Isles during the day, bringing rain and strong winds to the north and west, whilst central and south-eastern Britain should remain largely dry. Rain soon arriving for Ireland and becoming extensive, spreading into Scotland where the day is likely to turn increasingly wet. A little rain for north-eastern regions, but amounts small. Patchy rain in north-west England and Wales for a few hours. Mostly cloudy for the Midlands, with spots of drizzle. A little sunshine toward the south and south-east. Highs 9C in the north, to 13 or 14C southern England.

Tuesday 10/03/15
High pressure builds back across the country as Monday's low clears away into Scandinavia. Most parts of Britain and Ireland will be dry and bright, with sunshine extensively breaking through. A little frost where skies clear overnight. Light winds across most of Britain, perhaps freshening for Ireland. Risk of patchy rain in the far south-west later. Highs 10 to 13C but may well reach 15C by afternoon in sunshine.

Wednesday 11/03/15
High pressure to the south-east of Britain. Fronts passing to the north-west. A southerly breeze, strongest in the north and west. Light winds for most of England and Wales. Patchy rain and drizzle for Northern Ireland and Scotland. Likely dry for many central and eastern areas, with sunshine most extensive in the south and east. Feeling pleasantly mild. Highs 10 to 15C, locally higher in the east.

Thursday 12/03/15
High pressure to the east and south-east continues to promote a southerly pattern across Britain and Ireland. A small low passing to the north-west may bring rain to Scotland and Ireland. Central, eastern and southern regions should stay dry with occasional sunshine. Feeling mild, highs 10 to 16C.

Friday 13/03/15
A mild southerly pattern. Light winds for most. Fronts toward the west may bring little patchy rain to Ireland and western Britain, and a lot of cloud. Best brightness toward the east of Britain. Highs 10 to 16C.

Saturday 14/03/15
High pressure likely centred over Scandinavia brings dry and bright weather to most areas. Western regions again more likely to stay cloudy. Feeling cooler near eastern coasts where the breeze is off the sea. Highs 9 to 15C.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 07.03. various clouds, light rain 10° - 16° 90%
Su, 08.03. various clouds, light rain  - 15° 80%
Mo, 09.03. cloudy, rain  - 14° 80%
Tu, 10.03. various clouds  - 14° 75%
We, 11.03. various clouds, light rain 10° - 15° 75%
Th, 12.03. cloudy, light rain 10° - 16° 70%
Fr, 13.03. various clouds 10° - 16° 60%
Sa, 14.03. various clouds  - 15° 60%
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