Week ahead - December 25, 2014
Turning cold
Snow risk Saturday

Issued: 0900hrs Thursday 25th December 2014
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Widespread hard frosts up to New Year

Wind and rain spreads in off the Atlantic after a cold start to Boxing Day. Gales or locally severe gales on the south coast. Rain turning to snow across the hills of northern England and perhaps Wales later. Saturday will see strong winds slowly easing, but areas of rain turning increasingly to snow particularly in eastern Britain, and the risk of icy roads.

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Sunday 28/12/14
High pressure builds across the British Isles, giving a cold and frosty start, with icy stretches after previous rain or snow from Saturday. A few wintry showers may affect south-eastern coasts, but most places will be dry and bright with a good amount of sunshine. Winds ease in the east, but it will feel cold, with daytime highs of 0 to 4C.

Monday 29/12/14
High pressure in charge across the British Isles will bring a dry, bright and frosty day. A very cold start, with a widespread hard frost under clear skies. A cold feeling day for much of the country, slightly milder near to western coasts, with a strong south-westerly breeze for western regions of Ireland and Scotland. Daytime highs struggling to do better than 0 to 3C for most of Britain, nearer 6C further west.

Tuesday 30/12/14
Continuing chilly, but most likely dry with high pressure in charge. A sharp frost again, but plenty of sunshine during the day. Again the far west and north-west may stay milder with more cloud and breeze. The coldest air likely to affect central and south-eastern Britain. Highs 0 to 4C.

New Year's Eve 31/12/14
A large amount of uncertainty by the New Year period. High pressure shows signs of maintaining a cold and dry theme for most, but Atlantic fronts may make more inroads into the north and west, with some rain for western Scotland and the far west of Ireland. Highs 1 to 5C.

New Year's Day 01/01/15
A battleground between milder air in the west and colder air in the east to start the New Year. Likely to stay cold in central and south-eastern Britain, highs of 2C, whilst the north and west remains milder, highs of 8C.

Friday 02/01/15
An increasing likelihood of milder south-westerly air spreading further across the country, at least temporarily, although a large amount of uncertainty by this stage. Becoming windy, with rain in the north-west, coolest in the south-east. Highs 3 to 8C.

Week Ahead
General Remarks
Fr, 26.12. various clouds, heavy sleet  - 10° 85%
Sa, 27.12. various clouds, snow  -  80%
Su, 28.12. mostly sunny  -  80%
Mo, 29.12. mostly sunny  -  75%
Tu, 30.12. various clouds  -  70%
We, 31.12. various clouds, light rain  -  60%
Th, 01.01. various clouds, light rain  -  40%
Fr, 02.01. various clouds, light rain  -  30%
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