Week ahead - June 24, 2022
Mixed, heavy showers
Some very warm days

Issued: 0900 Friday 24th June 2022
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Low pressure dominates

Heavy or thundery bursts of rain will be a frequent threat during the week ahead. Some areas may see some more sustained heavy rain, but there will be places which escape more often dry. Southerly airflows will try and drag in some hot air from Europe at times, but the north and west of Britain will be cooler.

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Monday 27/6/22
Showery bursts of rain will advance north and east across most places during the day. Chance of local thunder. Eastern counties will start dry for a few hours, but sunshine gives way to building cloud. Western areas drier by the afternoon. Further rain moves into Ireland later. Brisk southwesterly winds, strongest near western coasts. Highs 17 to 23C, warmest toward the southeast.

Tuesday 28/6/22
A slow-moving frontal system is likely to affect Ireland and western Britain, bringing a threat of persistent heavy rain here. High pressure toward the southeast keeps much of central, east and southern England dry, becoming very warm in the sunshine, although high cloud builds from the west. Southerly winds will be strongest in the west. Highs 17 to 26C, warmest for East Anglia.

Wednesday 29/6/22
Some further rain or showers in the west of Britain and Ireland, where it stays quite cool. Central and eastern England should escape mainly dry and very warm here. Light southerly winds and coastal sea breezes. Highs ranging from 17C in the west, to 27C in the east and southeast.

Thursday 30/6/22
A hot day is possible across central and eastern England, but this comes with an increasing threat of thunderstorms breaking out widely across England and Wales. Scotland and Northern Ireland look drier but a risk of local showers. Highs 17 to 22C in the north and west, but may reach 30C in the southeast.

Friday 1/7/22
Low pressure is likely to circulate over Britain, bringing areas of heavy showers and possible thunderstorms. Probably drier further to the north. Quite humid. Highs 18 to 25C.

Saturday 2/7/22
A continued risk of areas of heavy rain and thundery bursts, locally varied across Britain. Becoming fresher, highs 17 to 23C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 25.06. various clouds, rain 16° - 22° 90%
Su, 26.06. various clouds, rain 15° - 22° 80%
Mo, 27.06. various clouds, rain 15° - 23° 70%
Tu, 28.06. various clouds, rain 16° - 26° 60%
We, 29.06. various clouds, light rain 17° - 27° 60%
Th, 30.06. various clouds, heavy rain 17° - 30° 50%
Fr, 01.07. various clouds, rain 16° - 25° 40%
Sa, 02.07. various clouds, rain 16° - 23° 30%
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