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Week ahead - June 22, 2022
Mixed weekend
Showers/rain next week too

Issued: 0900 Wednesday 22nd June 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Weather breaks up at the end of the week into a through next week with lower pressure being dominant

We lose the heat in the south and drier weather by the weekend, becoming more mixed to unsettled with showers and or longer spells of rain. The mixed weather pattern looks to continue through next week as low pressure stays close by western areas, though it should stay relatively drier further east and southeast and rather warm here too.

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Saturday 25/6/22
Low pressure still dominant on Saturday giving an unsettled day for some, though many places further east do look more likely to catch a drier morning. The wettest weather is expected through Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the rest of western UK regions throughout the day where showers could be heavy and perhaps thundery. Expect it to be breezy too. The afternoon could see heavier rain push up from the Channel region and affect southeastern regions of England. Highs at 21 to 24C in the east, 16 to 20C further west.

Sunday 26/6/22
Low pressure close by Northern Ireland on Sunday. Many in the east and southeast of England should stay mostly dry with sunny spells, though showers as well as longer spells of rain are expected further north and west in Britain. Heavy and persistent rainfall perhaps through many parts of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The odd rumble of thunder cannot be ruled out either. Breezy here too. Highs at 16 to 22C.

Monday 27/6/22
Low pressure is weakened on Monday while circulating over Ireland, though northern and western regions of the UK as well as Ireland will continue to be affected by heavy showers and or longer spells of rain. A drier day across much of England, particularly across southern and eastern areas where the best of the sunny weather is expected. Highs near 16 to 23C.

Tuesday 28/6/22
Lower pressure is still to the west of the UK and Ireland on Tuesday. Breezy conditions with showers and or longer spells of rain still at risk for many further north and west, though drier towards the east and south, perhaps a completely dry day for the southeast of England. Highs at 15 to 22C.

Wednesday 29/6/22
Higher pressure over the near continent could keep many easternmost counties dry and potentially warm across England, though with lower pressure mainly the dominant feature on Wednesday do expect sunny spells and showers for most. Showers are likely to be heavy and frequent in the west. Highs at 17 to 24C though cooler in the west.

Thursday 30/6/22
Staying reasonably mixed again on Thursday with lower pressure still close by Britain. Sunny spells and showers will be a common feature for many today, these heavy for some. Highs at a warm 22 to 26C across southern and SE England, a muggy 17 to 21C elsewhere.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th, 23.06. various clouds, isolated showers and thunderstorms 16° - 28° 90%
Fr, 24.06. various clouds, rain 16° - 26° 85%
Sa, 25.06. various clouds, isolated showers and thunderstorms 16° - 24° 80%
Su, 26.06. various clouds, rain 16° - 22° 75%
Mo, 27.06. various clouds, rain 16° - 23° 70%
Tu, 28.06. various clouds, rain 15° - 22° 60%
We, 29.06. various clouds, rain 14° - 24° 50%
Th, 30.06. various clouds, rain 17° - 26° 40%
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