Morning Call - April 29, 2024
Wet in the west
Dry and sunny in the east

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 29th April 2024
Duty forecaster: Ishani Mistry

Rain across Ireland and the west of the UK, drier with sunny spells in the east A wet start to Monday morning acoss Ireland, as a centre of low pressure builds in from the west. Rain across western coasts of the UK, affecting southwest England, western Wales, and western Scotland. A dry start elsewhere, with some sunny spells, particularly in the southeast.

In the afternoon, the rain spreads further inland to the Central Belt and northern Scotland, parts of northern England, Wales, Devon and Cornwall. Staying dry elsewhere, with sunny spells. The best of the sunshine in the southeast. Breezy for all. Feeling much milder.

In the evening and overnight, the rain turns heavier in places, such as eastern Scotland, northern parts of England, Wales and the southwest. Showers across central regions of Ireland, as well as along the western coast. Staying dry in southeast England and many eastern counties.

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