Europe forecast - April 01, 2024
Unsettled west
Rain spreading east

Issued: 0530hrs Monday 1st April 2024
Duty forecaster: Garry Nicholson

Warm east, cooler west

A breezy day with cloud and outbreaks of rain for Portugal. Some light rain in places over Spain with snow on the mountains, but drier in the evening. Some early rain for the Balearics, but drier brighter later. Rain through the morning for Sardinia and Corsica but sunny spells later. Rain spreading south over Italy but becoming more light and patchy. Hazy sunshine for Greece and Turkey and feeling very warm. Sunny and very warm for Cyprus.
Outbreaks of rain for France. Some heavy rain for the Low Countries and breezy. Heavy rain for Germany, especially for the north, but brighter in far south. A band of heavy rain in the morning over Switzerland and Austria, moving over Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia in the afternoon. Mostly dry and warm toward the Black Sea.
A dry bright start for Poland, but cloud and rain arrives later. Cloudy for Denmark, Sweden and Norway with outbreaks of rain. A cloudy day for Finland and the Baltic States with some rain.

Heavy rain moves into northwestern Spain and Portugal. Drier toward the south and east of Spain and the western Mediterranean. A few showers for Italy but a fair amount of sun. Some rain over the Balkans. Dry and sunny for Greece, Turkey and the Black Sea coast.
Rain in northwest France. Patchy rain and drizzle across Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Drier toward northeast Germany. Also damp for the Alps. Some heavy rain over Hungary, Czechia, Slovakis and into southeastern Poland.
A band of rain for Denmark and southern Sweden. Showers in the north of Norway. Mainly dry for southern Norway. Also dry around the northern Baltic. Some rain for eastern Finland.

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