Europe forecast - April 13, 2024
Sunshine rain and showers Scandanavia
Warm and sunny for most

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 12th April 2024
Duty forecaster: John

Saturday 13/04/2024
Cloudy with a mix of rain, prolonged and often heavy, across southern England, northern France, Belgium, Netherlands and northern Germany through the morning. Cloudy with rain being prolonged across Denmark, southern and central Scandanavia, running across to Estonia, Estonia Latvia and Belarus, staying cool with a fresh W to Nw wind, temperatures 10 to 14C. Dry and warm with sunshine for remainder of France and Germany, then including Switzerland and Austria, Czech to Hungary temperatures 18C through the morning 22 to 24C during the afternoon, high UV with sunburn risk where skies remain cloud-free and alos with height. For Spain to Italy and Turkey dry and sunny though scattered Alpine showers temperatures 18 to 20C mid-morning 22-26C during the afternoon and early evening. Cloudy for a time during the afternoon Croatia to Serbia with scattered, locally thundery showers developing though these will mainly ease through the evening. Increasing UV and sunburn risk near coasts and with height

Sunday 14/04
A dry though generally cloudy start through France to Belarus with fresh especially on and near coasts, westerly wind, a clsuter of showers will move through Belgium to Denmark during the morning and outbreaks of a mix of rain and showers will persist for a time through the morning into the afternoon for baltic shores. Lithuania, temperature generally 10C mid-morning near 12C aways from coasts. Cloudy with further outbreaks of snow for high latitude Sweden and Norway temperature 0C. Potugal and Spain across to Italy and including Adriatic through to Turkey and Greece dry sunny and warm temperature 20C mid-morning reacing 26C during the afternoon, though cooling through the evening, scattered thundery showers will develop Atlantic coast of northeast Spain, Bulgaria to Greece and Islands to Turkey with some longer spells of rain continuing into the evening.