Europe forecast - April 24, 2024
Low pressure extends Norway to Italy
Cool sunshine and showers central and east

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 23rd April 2024
Duty forecaster: John

Wednesday 24/04/2024
An area of low pressure centered northern Norway will give a cloudy day with frequent snow showers for high latitudes with temperature near 0C. Southern Norway and Sweden,Sweden, including across Denmark through to Baltic shores and coasts sunshine and frequent showers running across to Poland through to Estonia, showers merging to give a longer spells of rain though with sunshine between, 8 to 10C generally. Frequent showers, prolonged and often heavy across most central and southern locations, Germany Germany to Switzerland and Austria where showers will be a mix of rain and snow especially with height across Alpine locations, temperatures 7 to 9C, 2C with increasing windchill across the Alps. Sunshine and showers also running across Czech, Slovankia and Hungary. Sunshine and showers also for Italy, snow showers for Italian Alps, temperature near of below 0C with high windchill. Although cloudy at times with increasing sunshine becoming locally warm temperature 15 to 17C. Warm with sunshine and frequent often incresingly thundery showers for Balkans from Croatia Croatia through to Bulgaria, with scattered showers across northern Greece 18 to 22C duringthe afternoon. France sunshine and scattered showers especially towards north and west with showers along Atlantic to Channel coasts 11 to 13C generally, likely 15C with sunshine and broken cloud towards south. Spaind and Portugal remaining dry and sunny becoming warm 18C generally 22 to 24C coastal southern areas. With only small amounts of cloud UV will be high with increasing risk of sunburn along southern coasts and central plateu. Showers continuing overnight confined to northern coasts and upland areas, elsewhere dry with broken cloud.

Thursday 25/04
A mainly dry start for most though with remaining overnight showers becoming scattered and decreasing through the morning across souther Norway and Sweden, through Denmark,Denmark, temperature below 0C in high latitudes, 8 to 10C, afternoon showers developing across Denmark through to Belarus. Sunshine and frequent showers developing during the morning will last into the afternoon for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, fringing into Belgium and Netherlands, 8 to 10C for most with a fresh onshore west wind, away from coasts 12 to 14C during the afternoon as showers fade going into the evening. Scattered showers developing through France and into Spain, later Portugal, Portugal, showers continuing for a time into the evening. Remaing cool along Atlantic coasts, though warm 22C in south. Sunshine and showers for Italy, across to the Balkans towards Greece and Turkey.