Morning Call - January 23, 2015
Rain in west
Dry, cool east

Issued: 0530hrs Friday 23rd January 2015
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Winds and rain in the west, drier to the southeast

Good morning, It's a chilly start to the day for many parts of England and Wales. There's a frost for many and watch out, because roads and pavements are slippery.


Cloud and winds are increasing across Scotland, and this wind and rain has already reached Ireland. The wind and rain spreading east as the day progresses, getting into the west of Scotland during this morning, and then northwest England and the north and west of Wales as well as southwest England early this afternoon.

Then it's a dull and damp evening for much of England and Wales. Drizzle and rain at times and breezier too. Staying dry in the far southeast. Some of the rain turning to snow on the hills of Scotland, northwest England and north Wales as the rain clears east and some cooler weather follows overnight.

Have a great day and keep the sun shining!
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