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Scratchbox - October 06, 2012
Issued: 07:57hrs Saturday 06th October 2012

John: The last of the heavy overnight rain is clearing the far south east and for much of the country it's looking like a fine, dry day. A frost is likely to develop tonight from the Midlands northward.

Issued: 07:27hrs Friday 05th October 2012

Simon: More rain heading into Wales and southern England through this afternoon, drier north, showers in west.

Issued: 07:51hrs Thursday 04th October 2012

John: A rather chilly start this morning with some patchy frost in the north. Much of the country will have a fine, dry and mostly sunny day until heavy rain in the south west this evening spreads across England and Wales overnight.

Issued: 16:36hrs Wednesday 03th October 2012

John: A band of showers with torrential rain is now crossing northern England.

Issued: 13:18hrs Wednesday 03th October 2012

John: An area of heavy rain is moving through the channel, just skirting the south coasts. Thursday evening and night is still looking pretty wet in the south.

Issued: 08:39hrs Wednesday 03th October 2012

John: Lots of heavy showers to come across northern and western areas today and these will be heavy. Heavy rain and gales likely to affect the south Friday.

Issued: 06:30hrs Tuesday 02th October 2012

Simon: Hefty bursts of rain to come for Ireland, northern England and southern Scotland this afternoon. There could be some hefty bursts on southern coasts too.

Issued: 06:30hrs Tuesday 02th October 2012

Simon: Lines of showers, mainly in the west over next few hours, some on south coasts too; a few appearing heavy on the Weatheronline radar .

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