UK Forecast - June 22, 2024
Increasingly very warm
Variable cloud and sun

High pressure extends across the country bringing a fine day overall. Western areas cloudier especially in the morning, some mist around coasts, giving a little drizzle on some hills in west Wales and southwest England, also western Ireland. Feeling warm in the sunshine. Light winds. Breezier in northwest Scotland. Highs 22 to 26C for England and Wales, 17 to 22C for Scotland and Ireland. Cooler near west coasts.

Sunday night
Dry for all regions into the evening and night. Patchy cloud toward the west and southwest, some coastal mist patches. Clearer skies toward the east and northeast. Light winds for central and southern England, a southwesterly breeze near to western coasts, strongest winds toward northwest Scotland. A little rain may affect the Western Isles. Generally mild, lows 10 to 15C.

A fine and warm day for most of the country. Early mist patches soon dispersing to leave plenty of sunshine, some fair-weather cloud building. Small chance of an isolated shower. Sunshine best in the afternoon and evening toward the south and east of England. Locally mistier near to some western coasts. Light to moderate southerly winds, coastal sea breezes. Highs 20 to 26C, warmest east and south.

Many places likely to stay dry and feeling very warm. Sunshine best in the east, hazier in the west. A risk of some thundery rain for the west of Scotland and over Ireland. Chance of local thundery showers forming over Wales and western England later. Southerly breezes, strongest in the west. Highs 21 to 27C, warmest east and central England.