UK Forecast - February 22, 2024
Showers in west, these possibly heavy.
Drier brighter further east. Frost overnight in Scotland.

A mix of bright or sunny spells and several showers. Showers will be more frequent over western areas, and on the heavy side too, and some wintry showers over the Highlands and over Lake District and Peak District, and possibly over Snowdonia. The best of the drier and brighter weather is expected over East Anglia and southeast England as well as eastern Scotland. Temperatures will rise to 5C in north and 8C in south.

Friday Night
Showers continuing over western areas, some of them on the heavy side and more frequent over western Ireland, western Scotland and southwest Englands. Further east it will be drier with long clear spells and light winds. Minimum temperatures at -2C in places away from the coast.

It will be a rather cloudy day for most with occasional showers. Showers will be more frequent over western Scotland and western Ireland, where a longer spell of rain is possible later in the day with some snow over the Highlands. Wales and southern England will see more frequent showers in the morning, but less are expected in the afternoon. Widespread frost developing overnight with possible fog over England. Maximum temperatures at around 7C in north, but 10C in south.

A low pressure system will track south-southwest of the British Isles. This will turn the wind coming from the east-northeast bringing occasional shower over East Scotland and East England. Southern parts of Ireland, southwest England as well as Wales will see thicker cloud with possible rain. Elsewhere, drier with bright or sunny spells, with the best of the conditions over Western Scotland. Breezy in south. Frost overnight over Scotland. Maximum temperatures at 6C in north and 8C in south.