Scratchbox - February 23, 2024
Issued: 14:06hrs Thursday 22th February 2024

Filotas: A cloudy evening for most with outbreaks of rain over northern and eastern England. This will clear towards midnight, with frequent showers following for western Scotland, western parts of Ireland and southwest England, a few of them on the heavy side too, and wintry over the Highlands. Clear spells and light winds overnight over Scotland will lead to patchy frost. Temperatures dropping to Zero over parts of Scotland and 5C over England and Wales.

Issued: 06:12hrs Thursday 22th February 2024

Filotas: A developing area of low pressure will cross the British Isles giving a mostly cloudy day with outbreaks of rain, this possibly turning heavy in places especially over England and Wales with some snow over the tops. Ireland will see cloudy skies with frequent showers over western counties, while western and northern Scotland will see several showers, turning wintry over the Highlands. Breezy with strong winds in south, with the temperature rising to 12 in south, but just 6C in north.

Issued: 14:54hrs Wednesday 21th February 2024

Filotas:Ireland will see a mostly dry evening with a few showers, but a longer spell of rain is possibly over Northern Ireland later spreading to Scotland overnight with some snow over the Highlands. Elsewhere, any remaining rain over east Scotland and east England will clear through the evening with dry weather following for most, away from far west where a few showers are possible. Temperature will drop to 5C in north, but 8C in south.

Issued: 07:34hrs Wednesday 21th February 2024

Filotas: Cloudy for all with a band of rain spreading east through the morning and the afternoon. Rain will get heavy over southwest England, Wales, Northwest England, Southwest Scotland as well as the Highlands. Ireland will see a wet start but soon it will get dry with sunny spells developing and a few showers in west. Rain will start clearing from late afternoon over the rest too, maybe with a few sunny spells over Wales. A few showers following for most, maybe a longer spell of rain over Northern Ireland and Scotland later in the evening. Strong southwest winds along with the rain, turning moderate westerlies once it clears. Temperatures in the afternoon will rise to 8C in north but 10C in south.

Issued: 11:32hrs Tuesday 20th February 2024

John : Cloudy with rain continuing across western Isles, southwest Highland into Argyll and Bute, with scattered outbreaks into Cumbria and Isle of Man fringing Gwynedd through this morning, temperature 3-5C more northern areas of Scotland to 10C across Cumbria, rain also fringing into Derry and Antrim. Elsewhere across England and Wales remaining generally cloudy and mainly dry, temperatures generally 10C for most, maybe briefly 12 to 13C for Dorset to Kent and into Cambs. and Norfolk where cloud may break to give some sunshine early afternoon. Later sunshine and showers where rain clears, cloud and rain for Devon and Cornwall

Issued: 07:05hrs Tuesday 20th February 2024

John : A cloudy though mild day across all areas, rain already into Scotland and N.Ireland will continue to move southeastwards into Cumbria early afternoon with showers following across Scotland. For the remainder of England and Wales cloudy and dry though coastal drizzle may occur across Devon and Cornwall and Dyfed. Remaining mild temperatures 10C Scotland 13C for Kent with likely sunny spells.

Issued: 14:06hrs Monday 19th February 2024

Simon: Cloud increasing again as a warm front approaches western Scotland. Some drizzle western Scotland ahead of a dry, cloudy night.

Issued: 07:47hrs Monday 19th February 2024

Simon: Some showery rain this morning for England and Wales, quickly clearing east. Sunny spells and dry then for a while, but cloud already increasing in Ireland and Scotland. Some heavy showers this morning western Scotland, replaced by drizzle over the west late afternoon and evening.