Scratchbox - December 01, 2023
Issued: 10:21hrs Friday 01th December 2023

Dry fine and sunny, temperatures starting to rise slowly to 2C by early afternoon for all of England and Wales. Scattered and later organised snow showers along North Sea coasts and west of Scotland. Fresh Northeast wind

Issued: 07:00hrs Friday 01th December 2023

John : Dry, fine with frost and some fog persisting to mid-morning for Wales, Midlands and southern England with a sunny late morning to afternoon to follow temperatures 1C. Snow showers, frequent and often heavy across most of Scotland and Northern Ireland with a fresh Northeast wind, snow showers also along North Sea coasts pushing inland from Tayside to Kent, temperatures 2C.

Issued: 09:40hrs Thursday 30th November 2023

Garry: A cold and frosty one again today. Snow showers in the east, locally frequent clusters of snow in the northeast. Rain, sleet and hill snow for south & southwest England too. Brisk easterly winds feeling distinctly chilly.

Issued: 14:10hrs Wednesday 29th November 2023

Soon: Staying cold into this evening. Still some snow showers for northeast England and eastern Scotland. Increased cloud in the far southwest with a risk of some rain, sleet and wet snow here.

Issued: 07:30hrs Wednesday 29th November 2023

Simon: Snow showers today in eastern Scotland and eastern England. A few bits of showery rain in Wales and southwest England, these clearing. Dry elsewhere, sunny spells and feeling cold for all. Then a severe frost tonight.

Issued: 15:50hrs Tuesday 28th November 2023

John : Snow showers will continue to affect North Sea coasts around northeast Scotland, Yorkshire to Norfolk through the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening. For rest of England, Wales and Scotland dry with the last of the sunshine this afternoon, temperatures now falling with a ground frost early evening and a moderate to severe frost overnight -7C in Scotland -3 for England and Wales

Issued: 14:00hrs Tuesday 28th November 2023

John : A band of snow showers now moving south across northeast Highland to Tayside and down the North Sea to Humber, Norfolk and into Kent during the afternoon and into the evening accompanied by a fresh northeast wind. Elsewhere staying dry and sunny through the afternoon temperatures now starting to dip going into late afternoon and evening with a frost soon after sunset

Issued: 09:55hrs Tuesday 28th November 2023

John : Staying dry and sunny with variable cloud for most of Midlands, southern England and Wales during the morning and into the afternoon temperatures briefly 2 to 3C. Showers continue to affect windward coasts of Northern Ireland and Scotland and English North Sea with a fresh onshore Northeast wind.

Issued: 09:05hrs Tuesday 28th November 2023

John: Frost to mid-morning for Scotland, showers on coasts. Dry variable cloud and patchy frost for northern England and Midlands, Northern Ireland at first. Dry and sunny away from coasts generally cold. Coastal showers for Eastern England with onshore northeast wind. Temperatures 3C to 5C

Issued: 14:21hrs Monday 27th November 2023

Filotas: Rain being quite heavy across Kent at the moment. Further outbreaks of rain in east-southeast England in the evening, along with showers across Scotland and northeast England.

Issued: 06:05hrs Monday 27th November 2023

Filotas: A cloudy day with outbreaks of rain across England. Showers in northeast Scotland, extending to eastern coasts through the day. Drier Northwest.