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Scratchbox - May 20, 2022
Issued: 13:52hrs Friday 20th May 2022

Alexi: Rain now clearing much of the southeast of England. Meanwhile showery rain continues to affect western areas including Ireland but with sunshine now coming about here.

Issued: 08:21hrs Friday 20th May 2022

Alexi: Rain moving in across southern and in particular south-eastern areas where the heaviest rainfall is to be expected. Meanwhile a band of rain moves across Ireland, Northern Ireland into western Scotland.

Issued: 16:53hrs Thursday 19th May 2022

Alexi: a largely cloudy start to Friday though largely dry but with rain beginning to move in for some while rain moves eastwards across Ireland.

Issued: 14:27hrs Thursday 19th May 2022

Alexi: It's turning out to be a bright afternoon for many with temperatures in the high teens across eastern Scotland as well as through central and southern England.

Issued: 08:23hrs Thursday 19th May 2022

Alexi: Showers across southeast England should clear off over the next couple of hours.

Issued: 08:21hrs Thursday 19th May 2022

Alexi: Cloud will break up across England and Wales over the next couple hours allowing for sunshine to develop. A decent day to be expected and less windy.

Issued: 17:58hrs Wednesday 18th May 2022

Simon: Rain for many tonight. Two main areas, firstly moving through southern England, South Wales, then through the Midlands and eastern England bringing some thunderstorms and heavy downpours here. A second area crossing Ireland, western Scotland, Wales and northwest England. Fresher and brighter weather into many western areas by the morning.

Issued: 07:14hrs Wednesday 18th May 2022

Simon: Rain in NW Scotland this morning fading. Sunshine for many to start the day, but cloud increasing from the south and west. rain in Ireland for this afternoon, with some showery rain in SW England, the Midlands and Wales later this afternoon too. Warm in the east.

Issued: 19:12hrs Tuesday 17th May 2022

Simon: Heavy rain now heading into western Scotland, some torrential downpours. Heavy bursts crossing northern, central and southern England too, probably easing as they head east.

Issued: 18:20hrs Monday 16th May 2022

Simon: Thunderstorms from Northern Ireland to northern England right now, these heading north and fading this evening. Rain in north and east Scotland also fading. Then generally dry tonight, although more to follow into the southwest later.

Issued: 11:53hrs Monday 16th May 2022

Simon: More rain to come in central and eastern Scotland this afternoon. An area of heavy, thundery rain passing north through northern England too. Further showers and a risk of thunderstorms for Northern Ireland, Wales. the Midlands and Southern England. Things should get drier in the south. Warm for all.

Issued: 06:31hrs Monday 16th May 2022

Simon: Whilst some places in the British Isles got pretty warm on Sunday, temperatures reached 30C over parts of France, Spain, Italy and Greece. These are the highest temperatures recorded to 7pm Sunday.