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UK Forecast - June 04, 2018
Cloud breaking
Showers west Ireland

Drier air is expected to be pushing into eastern areas through Tuesday. This will be breaking any cloud allowing some good spells of sunshine to form. Further west and south the cloud may be more persistent, but even here there will be a tendency for it to break some some sunshine to come through. The best sunshine is expected in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Some isolated but heavy thundery showers affecting western Ireland in the afternoon. Highs at 24C in western Ireland, 21C in the sunnier parts of the UK but 18C where it stays cloudy.

Tuesday Night
The showers fading away from western Ireland this evening. Most areas of the UK and Ireland will then be dry. However, the northeast flow brings the threat of more low cloud to eastern areas which will be thickening sufficiently to produce some patchy drizzle in eastern areas by the morning. Lows at 7 to 14C.

Low pressure is expected to the be to the south of England on Wednesday with high pressure north of Scotland. This brings another northeasterly flow with variable cloud to many areas. Eastern coasts are most likely to be seeing the low cloud again, but this should be breaking. Western parts having the best sunshine and staying dry too. However, some showers could affecting western Ireland. Highs at 16C on cloudier eastern coasts, 24C in western Ireland.

A slack flow on Thursday. It is likely to be dry overall, although a possibility of showers or perhaps a thunderstorm popping up locally, these moving around slowly, but should be very isolated. Sunny skies in the west, but low cloud may affecting eastern and central areas once again. Light winds and coastal sea breezes. Highs 19 to 24C for many, but much cooler on eastern coasts.

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