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UK Forecast - June 03, 2018
Dry, feeling fresher
Sunniest west

A general east to north-easterly flow. Winds mostly light, but fresh around southern and eastern coasts. Fairly cloudy skies, especially central and eastern regions, whilst sunshine should break through widely in western areas. Dry overall, but a chance of localised showers over hills in the south-west of England and Wales, also western Scotland and Northern Ireland. Fresher than recent days, highs 17 to 21C in central & western areas. Only 13 to 16C for eastern England.

Monday night
Dry overall, with any remaining showers from the evening all fading. Low cloud is likely to affect eastern coasts, thickening and spread back well inland for some areas, especially toward the north-east. Toward the west, skies will be largely clear. A north-easterly breeze, strongest around south-eastern coasts. Fresher than recently, lowest temperatures 6 to 8C in northern Britain, perhaps below 5C in sheltered Highland glens by dawn. Nearer 10 to 13C in the south.

High pressure will be centred to the north. An easterly breeze, fresh along southern coasts. Largely dry with plenty of sunshine, best in the west, whilst some eastern coasts may hold onto banks of low cloud. Small chance of a local shower in the west. Humidity much lower than recently. Feeling cool on North Sea coasts, only 13C, whilst central areas will reach 18 to 20C, and sheltered western spots will be nearer 23C.

A general easterly airflow continues, but winds typically light. The strongest breeze across south-eastern coastal districts. Some murk on eastern coasts, otherwise lots of strong sunshine. Dry overall. Small chance of an isolated shower inland. Starting cool, especially in the north. Daytime temperatures reaching 19 to 23C, warmest in central and western regions, but nearer 14C on eastern coasts.

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