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UK Forecast - June 01, 2018
Dry and sunny south
Thundery in north Saturday

Local bursts of rain may exist from dawn across northern and eastern districts, left from overnight thunderstorms. A murky start, but brighter skies coming through, the best of the sunshine likely across south and south-west England and Wales where it should stay dry all day. Slow-moving thundery downpours will break out across Scotland, northern England and Northern Ireland. Light winds and sea breezes. A humid feel, highs 19 to 23C, locally warmer in the south-east.

Saturday night
Some thundery outbreaks will continue into the night for northern Britain, mostly fading, but some may survive through the night. Bursts of rain tending to drift westwards, some moving across the Irish sea from south-west Scotland into Northern Ireland. Murky for many places, although clearer skies are likely in the south. Little wind overall. Generally mild, lows 10 to 14C for many, locally 7 to 9C in Wales and south-west England.

A slack north-easterly pattern, with high pressure remaining centred toward the north-west of Scotland. A lot of dry and bright weather, with good amounts of sunshine. A little murky for some in the morning. Chance of isolated showers inland across northern Britain, although less widespread than previous days. Few if any showers toward the south. Light winds and coastal sea breezes. Temperatures reaching 18 to 23C, locally up to 25C or above in the south-east.

A general east to north-easterly flow continues. Winds mostly light, but fresh around some southern and eastern coasts. Fairly cloudy skies, especially central and eastern regions, whilst sunshine should break through widely in western areas. Chance of localised showers, probably focused on the hills of Wales, and also across Ireland. Temperatures ranging from 13C on the east coast, to 19 to 23C inland and toward west.

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