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UK Forecast - June 08, 2018
Warm, sunny spells
Similar for Sunday

A fair amount of cloud around for many on Saturday. This cloud is going to be broken and so there will be some sunshine too. Showers will be developing this morning in western Scotland, an isolated one in northern and western parts of Ireland. This afternoon sees that shower risk again in much of Scotland, mostly the west, with a chance of scattered thundery showers in central Ireland, west Wales and southwest England. Elsewhere there will be broken cloud and sunny spells. Warm in the sunshine at 24C but cooler along eastern coasts thanks to the northeast with with tops nearer 17C.

Saturday Night
Showers fading quickly this evening. The night is then likely to become dry for all areas. There will be long clear spells with a few mist and fog patches forming by the morning in more sheltered parts. Lows at 8 tom 10C overall.


High pressure stays east on Sunday. This brings a dry start to the day with good spells of sunshine, although always the chance of some low cloud drifting onto eastern coasts. It should be staying mostly dry and bright into the afternoon with warm sunshine for many. Isolated heavy showers forming over high ground of southwest England, Wales, the Pennines, northern Scotland and also eastern Ireland. Sea breezes on coasts. Highs at 18C in northern Scotland but more widely 21 to 25C.

Low pressure is over France on Monday with high pressure west of Ireland. There is a threat of some rain affecting the south and southeast of England, possibly thundery. Elsewhere drier and brighter with sunny spells, although again eastern coasts may have some low cloud. Afternoon showers may develop over the hills of northwest England and over Ireland. Highs at 16C in northern Scotland and eastern coasts in cloud, 23C in western England and Wales.

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