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  Th Sep 20 Fr Sep 21 Sa Sep 22 Su Sep 23
15°C 16°C 10°C 10°C
25°C 22°C 17°C 22°C
various clouds  few clouds  various clouds , light rain overcast , light rain
various clouds  various clouds , showers various clouds , light rain cloudy , rain
mostly sunny  mostly sunny  various clouds , light rain cloudy , showers
clear  various clouds , isolated showers various clouds  cloudy , showers
Last updated: Th, 20 Sep, 03:58 BST
Forecast Kinrooi Forecast Maasbracht Forecast Kleine-Brogel Forecast Roermond Forecast Deurne Forecast Eindhoven Forecast Geleen Forecast Lommel Forecast Maasmechelen Forecast Genk Forecast Heinsberg Forecast Venlo Forecast Venray Forecast Bladel Forecast Maastricht Forecast Zolder Forecast Diepenbeek Forecast Mol Forecast Hasselt Forecast Arcen Forecast Bilzen Forecast Landgraaf Forecast Uden Forecast Boxtel Forecast Meerhout Forecast Erkelenz Forecast Retie Forecast Hoeselt Forecast Boxmeer Forecast Viersen Forecast Gulpen-Wittem Forecast Mönchengladbach Forecast Eijsden Forecast Schaffen Forecast Turnhout Forecast Weeze Forecast Tilburg Forecast Voeren Forecast Borgloon Forecast Orsbach Forecast Tongeren Forecast Baarle-Nassau Forecast Vaals Forecast Aachen Forecast Würselen Forecast Visé Forecast Jülich Forecast Dalhem Forecast Oupeye Forecast Sint-Truiden Forecast Kelmis Forecast Herstal Forecast Dongen Forecast Liège Forecast Waremme
Nearby Forecast Locations - Weert - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Weert Distance
Kinrooi 13.2 km
Maasbracht 17.8 km
Kleine-Brogel 18.7 km
Roermond 20.5 km
Deurne 23.0 km
Eindhoven 26.1 km
Geleen 27.9 km
Lommel 27.9 km
Maasmechelen 33.4 km
Genk 34.5 km
Heinsberg 34.6 km
Venlo 35.0 km
Venray 35.0 km
Bladel 36.1 km
Maastricht 37.6 km
Zolder 38.1 km
Diepenbeek 41.0 km
Mol 42.5 km
Hasselt 43.6 km
Arcen 44.5 km
Bilzen 44.6 km
Landgraaf 44.8 km
Uden 44.9 km
Boxtel 45.0 km
Meerhout 46.1 km
Erkelenz 46.6 km
Retie 46.6 km
Hoeselt 47.0 km
Boxmeer 47.8 km

Forecast: Weert Region

In the next few days, it's partly cloudy. On Friday there will be showers, on Sunday it will be raining abundantly. It's getting warmer - the temperature rises from 17 degrees on Saturday to 22 degrees on Sunday. On Friday a fresh wind from the west.



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