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Harlingen Weather

  We Jan 20 Th Jan 21 Fr Jan 22 Sa Jan 23
8°C 6°C 4°C 1°C
10°C 8°C 6°C 4°C
cloudy , isolated showers various clouds , showers various clouds , isolated showers various clouds , isolated snow showers
cloudy , isolated showers various clouds  various clouds  various clouds
cloudy  various clouds , light rain various clouds  various clouds , isolated showers
various clouds  cloudy , isolated showers various clouds , isolated showers various clouds , isolated snow showers
Last updated: Tu, 19 Jan, 18:00 GMT
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Harlingen - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Harlingen Distance
Sexbierum 5.0 km
Sneek 22.1 km
Leeuwarden 22.5 km
Terschelling 22.9 km
Skarsterlân 33.6 km
Stavoren 33.9 km
Vlieland 35.2 km
Ameland 35.6 km
Den Oever 38.6 km
Dokkum 40.6 km
Heerenveen 41.5 km
Texel 41.6 km
Lemmer 42.9 km
Drachten 44.4 km
Awg-1 Sea 47.1 km
Wieringerwerf 47.3 km
Kollumerland en Nieuwkruisland 49.0 km
Den Helder 52.7 km
Medemblik 53.2 km
Enkhuizen 54.5 km
Emmeloord 55.7 km
Lauwersoog 57.2 km
Schiermonnikoog 59.1 km
Marknesse 59.5 km
Urk 60.2 km
Houtribdijk 61.3 km
Schagen 62.3 km
Steenwijkerland 63.9 km
Hoorn 64.3 km

Forecast: Harlingen Region

On Thursday mostly cloudy, later it becomes partly clody with some good sunny intervals. But Friday some rain is to be expected. It's getting cooler: From 17 degrees on Thursday the daily highs drop to 13 degrees on Friday.



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