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Thana Bhawan Weather

  Su Jan 20 Mo Jan 21 Tu Jan 22 We Jan 23
11°C 13°C 14°C 10°C
24°C 24°C 19°C 20°C
partly fog  few clouds  cloudy , showers and thunderstorms cloudy , isolated showers
mostly sunny  various clouds , isolated showers cloudy , heavy showers and thunderstorms cloudy , showers and thunderstorms
mostly sunny  cloudy , rain cloudy , showers and thunderstorms various clouds , light rain
few clouds  various clouds , rain various clouds , light rain various clouds , rain
Last updated: Sa, 19 Jan, 22:09 GMT
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Thana Bhawan - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Thana Bhawan Distance
Shamli 16.9 km
Rampur Maniharan 23.2 km
Muzaffarnagar 30.4 km
Purquazi 40.7 km
Gharaunda 42.3 km
Karnal 43.4 km
Saharanpur 44.6 km
Taraori 49.5 km
Panipat 49.8 km
Manglaur 50.3 km
Sardhana 54.3 km
Roorkee 55.0 km
Samalkha 55.2 km
Ladwa 56.9 km
Yamunanagar 58.9 km
Jagadhri 65.7 km
Assandh 66.8 km
Thanesar 68.3 km
Ganaur 69.4 km
Meerut 72.2 km
Safidon 73.4 km
Bijnor 73.5 km
Hastinapur 75.7 km
Haridwar 84.6 km
Gohana 86.8 km

Forecast: Thana Bhawan Region

While the weather on Sunday is still mostly sunny clouds will increase. But thunderstorms are likely on Tuesday, on Monday it will be raining at times. The daily high falls from 24 degrees on Monday to 19 degrees on Tuesday.


Thana Bhawan

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