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Pehowa Weather

  Sa Jun 23 Su Jun 24 Mo Jun 25 Tu Jun 26
29°C 29°C 29°C 29°C
42°C 41°C 41°C 40°C
various clouds , light rain various clouds , isolated showers various clouds , showers various clouds , showers
various clouds , light rain mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny
mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny  mostly sunny
few clouds  few clouds  few clouds  few clouds
Last updated: Fr, 22 Jun, 13:37 BST
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Pehowa - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Pehowa Distance
Cheeka 23.7 km
Thanesar 25.8 km
Kaithal 28.1 km
Taraori 41.8 km
Patiala 41.9 km
Ladwa 45.0 km
Karnal 49.9 km
Babiyal 51.5 km
Assandh 53.9 km
Rajpura 55.7 km
Sirhind-Fategarh 55.8 km
Narwana 59.6 km
Nabha 59.9 km
Mandi Gobindgarh 61.7 km
Gharaunda 61.8 km
Safidon 62.0 km
Chandigarh 64.7 km
Yamunanagar 69.1 km
Tohana 70.9 km
Jagadhri 74.1 km
Sunam 75.7 km
Panipat 76.4 km
Sangrur 77.4 km
Sangrur district 80.8 km
Malerkotla 91.0 km
Barwala 91.7 km
Shamli 92.6 km
Nahan 94.6 km

Forecast: Pehowa Region

Only Sunday blemishes the predominantly fine weather. But Sunday some rain is to be expected. It's getting colder: From 42 degrees on Sunday the daily highs drop to 0 degrees on Monday.