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Sykies Weather

  Tu Sep 28 We Sep 29 Th Sep 30 Fr Oct 01
17°C 19°C 16°C 14°C
26°C 21°C 20°C 20°C
various clouds , light rain cloudy , showers cloudy , light rain various clouds , light rain
various clouds , light rain cloudy , light rain cloudy , light rain cloudy , rain
cloudy , light rain cloudy , light rain various clouds , light rain cloudy , light rain
cloudy , showers cloudy , light rain various clouds  cloudy , light rain
Last updated: Mo, 27 Sep, 22:25 BST
Forecast Ampelokipoi Forecast Triandria Forecast Menemeni Forecast Evosmos Forecast Pylaia Forecast Kalamaria Forecast Stavroupoli Forecast Langadas Forecast Thessaloniki Forecast Chalastra Forecast Epanomi Forecast Vasilika Forecast Anthemountas Forecast Koufalia Forecast Kilkis Forecast Platy Forecast Pella Forecast Kallikrateia Forecast Lachanas Forecast Alexandreia Forecast Giannitsa Forecast Korinos Forecast Polykastro Forecast Polygyros Forecast Nigrita Forecast Arnaia Forecast Katerini Forecast Nea Poteidaia Forecast Stavros Forecast Kerkini Forecast Ormylia Forecast Irakleia Forecast Veria Forecast Veria Forecast Gevgelija Forecast Serres Forecast Litochoro Forecast Elatochori Forecast Sidirokastro Forecast Exaplatanos Forecast Nikiti
Nearby Forecast Locations - Sykies - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Sykies Distance
Ampelokipoi 2.8 km
Triandria 4.0 km
Menemeni 4.2 km
Evosmos 4.6 km
Pylaia 6.2 km
Kalamaria 9.3 km
Stavroupoli 10.0 km
Langadas 14.9 km
Thessaloniki 14.9 km
Chalastra 20.5 km
Epanomi 24.2 km
Vasilika 25.6 km
Anthemountas 33.7 km
Koufalia 35.6 km
Kilkis 37.8 km
Platy 38.0 km
Pella 38.2 km
Kallikrateia 39.9 km
Lachanas 41.1 km
Alexandreia 42.3 km
Giannitsa 47.4 km
Korinos 49.8 km
Polykastro 50.6 km
Polygyros 51.7 km
Nigrita 54.1 km
Arnaia 56.7 km
Katerini 57.2 km
Nea Poteidaia 60.5 km
Stavros 63.4 km

Forecast: Sykies Region

In the next few days, it's partly cloudy. Persistent rain, especially on Wednesday. The daily high falls from 26 degrees on Tuesday to 20 degrees on Thursday.



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