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Nea Poteidaia Weather

  Mo Nov 19 Tu Nov 20 We Nov 21 Th Nov 22
11°C 15°C 11°C 11°C
17°C 18°C 16°C 13°C
overcast , light rain cloudy , rain cloudy , showers cloudy , light rain
various clouds  overcast , rain cloudy , isolated showers overcast , light rain
mostly sunny  cloudy , rain various clouds , isolated showers overcast , light rain
various clouds  cloudy , showers cloudy , light rain cloudy , light rain
Last updated: Mo, 19 Nov, 05:03 GMT
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Nea Poteidaia - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Nea Poteidaia Distance
Kassandreia 18.1 km
Ormylia 21.5 km
Polygyros 22.7 km
Kallikrateia 26.1 km
Nikiti 30.0 km
Anthemountas 31.8 km
Pefkochori 32.8 km
Vasilika 35.2 km
Pallini 36.4 km
Neos Marmaras 39.9 km
Arnaia 40.3 km
Epanomi 42.8 km
Thessaloniki 47.5 km
Stagira-Akanthos 51.7 km
Kalamaria 52.8 km
Ammouliani 53.1 km
Pylaia 54.3 km
Sikea 55.1 km
Triandria 56.6 km
Sykies 60.5 km
Polichni 60.5 km
Ampelokipoi 62.0 km
Menemeni 62.8 km
Stavros 62.8 km
Platamon 63.6 km
Korinos 63.7 km
Evosmos 64.4 km
Chalastra 65.3 km
Langadas 66.5 km

Forecast: Nea Poteidaia Region

Mainly cloudy with just occasional bright spells or glimpses of the sun likely. On Wednesday some scattered showers are possible, on Tuesday it will be raining at times. It's getting cooler: From 18 degrees on Tuesday the daily highs drop to 13 degrees on Thursday.


Nea Poteidaia

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