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UK Forecast - June 07, 2017
Rain & showers
More showers tonight

A wet morning across Wales, southwest England and northwest England with some heavy bursts of rain together with cloud shrouding hills and coasts. Sporadic bursts of rain into the western Midlands too, although many eastern and southern parts of England will be dry but mainly cloudy. Scotland and much of the northern half of Ireland start the day cloudy overall, just but some sunshine in northern Scotland. Rain in southern Ireland tracks north through the morning, although this is increasingly patchy. The afternoon sees rain into northern England and southern Scotland, this tracking northwards through Scotland during the day although the far north should stay dry. Heavy showers move into England, Wales and Ireland, some of them thundery and mainly focused in the west. A moderate southwest breeze with temperatures rising to 13C in northern Scotland, 21C in southeast England.

Thursday Night
Some further heavy showers across Ireland, England and Wales overnight. The showers could be thundery at times and will tend to move through in bands. Rain is likely to be more persistent in central and northeast Scotland with some of this heavy over the hills. Tending to become drier in central and southern Scotland as the night progresses. Lows at 7 to 10C.

A southwesterly flow affects all parts of the UK and ireland on Friday. An occluded front brings cloud and rain to northern Scotland, heavy on the hills. A band of showers extends from western Scotland, through western Wales and southwest England, although to the east and west of this shower band it will be drier and brighter. These showers pass eastwards during the morning and into the afternoon with the west turning brighter as a ridge of high pressure builds. Thicker cloud arrives into western Ireland later as a front brings rain from southwest Ireland to the Isles of Scilly by evening. Tops at 14 to 20C.

A large area of low pressure to the west of Ireland on Saturday. Fronts pass northeast through the UK and Ireland bringing cloud and rain. Most of the rain will be to the west, with more eastern and southern areas tending to see only spots of rain and drizzle. A few bright spells affecting parts of the Midlands and southeast England. Lots of low cloud and fog affecting western and southern coasts and hills. Heavy showers follow through Ireland, these thundery at times. Rain arrives in northern Scotland during the afternoon. Winds becoming strong in the west. Tops near a muggy 16 to 21C.

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