Castellammare di Stabia Weather

  Fr Apr 19 Sa Apr 20 Su Apr 21 Mo Apr 22
8°C 11°C 12°C 12°C
17°C 18°C 17°C 19°C
cloudy , showers and thunderstorms few clouds  various clouds , showers few clouds
cloudy , rain mostly sunny  various clouds , showers mostly sunny
various clouds , light rain various clouds , light rain mostly sunny  mostly sunny
few clouds  various clouds , rain few clouds  few clouds
Last updated: Fr, 19 Apr, 07:02 BST
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Castellammare di Stabia Distance
Scafati 5.6 km
Sorrento 12.3 km
Amalfi 12.3 km
Ercolano 15.8 km
Portici 18.1 km
Cava de' Tirreni 18.3 km
Naples 22.8 km
Salerno 24.0 km
Casalnuovo di Napoli 26.6 km
Casoria 27.1 km
Afragola 27.9 km
Capri 29.2 km
Acerra 29.5 km
Pozzuoli 33.5 km
Marano di Napoli 33.7 km
Salerno 36.4 km
Aversa 38.1 km
Battipaglia 42.3 km
Caserta 42.7 km
Ischia 48.0 km
Grazzanise 52.4 km
Benevento 54.4 km
Agropoli 57.5 km
Castel Volturno 59.3 km
Mondragone 67.3 km
Trevico 74.2 km
Cellole 77.0 km
Casal Velino 80.0 km
Minturno 87.9 km

Forecast: Castellammare di Stabia Region

In the next few days, some sunny spells. Especailly on Monday sunny periods increase. With it on Sunday showers. The daily high temperature near 18 degrees.


Castellammare di Stabia

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