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Kempten Weather

  Fr Mar 05 Sa Mar 06 Su Mar 07 Mo Mar 08
3°C -6°C -4°C -1°C
4°C 5°C 9°C 6°C
cloudy , showers various clouds  few clouds  cloudy , isolated snow showers
cloudy , snow showers sunny  various clouds , light rain various clouds , freezing drizzle
cloudy , snow showers sunny  various clouds , isolated showers various clouds
various clouds , light snow few clouds  cloudy , isolated snow showers various clouds
Last updated: Fr, 05 Mar, 14:55 GMT
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Kempten - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Kempten Distance
Allgäu 1.2 km
Allgäu Alps 22.4 km
Marktoberdorf 23.6 km
Leutkirch im Allgäu 25.1 km
Tannheim 28.4 km
Kaufbeuren 29.1 km
Memmingen 31.3 km
Füssen 33.2 km
Sonthofen 33.5 km
Wangen im Allgäu 37.9 km
Mindelheim 39.1 km
Reutte 40.5 km
Kleinwalsertal 44.1 km
Schongau 45.0 km
Alberschwende 45.9 km
Bad Waldsee 46.8 km
Bregenz 50.0 km
Lindau 51.0 km
Lake Constance 52.1 km
Warth 52.9 km
Ravensburg 53.9 km
Dornbirn 54.0 km
Hohenpeißenberg 54.2 km
Landsberg 55.3 km
Ehrwald 57.2 km
Biberach 57.5 km
Damüls 58.2 km
Aulendorf 58.4 km
Zugspitze 60.2 km

Forecast: Kempten Region

After a fine Saturday it's becoming some what cloudier. But snow will fall on Monday. The temperature rises from 5 degrees on Saturday to 9 degrees on Sunday.



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