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Olomouc Weather

  Tu Jul 05 We Jul 06 Th Jul 07 Fr Jul 08
17°C 16°C 11°C 14°C
24°C 25°C 20°C 20°C
cloudy , showers various clouds  few clouds  various clouds , isolated showers
cloudy , showers and thunderstorms mostly sunny  various clouds , light rain various clouds
cloudy , showers and thunderstorms various clouds , showers and thunderstorms overcast , light rain various clouds
various clouds , isolated showers and thunderstorms mostly sunny  cloudy , showers mostly sunny
Last updated: Mo, 04 Jul, 22:17 BST
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Olomouc - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Olomouc Distance
Litovel 18.2 km
Prostějov 19.1 km
Uničov 21.5 km
Přerov 22.6 km
Luká 23.5 km
Cervena 27.6 km
Loštice 29.3 km
Mohelnice 31.3 km
Hranice 34.1 km
Kroměříž 36.2 km
Holešov 38.3 km
Vyškov 42.4 km
Velké Opatovice 43.3 km
Bruntál 44.7 km
Šumperk 46.2 km
Boskovice 46.4 km
Fulnek 47.0 km
Otrokovice 48.1 km
Letovice 51.1 km
Zlín 51.6 km
Nový Jičín 53.0 km
Blansko 53.6 km
Opava 58.7 km
Vsetín 59.7 km
Uherské Hradiště 60.8 km
Uherské Hradiště 66.1 km
Brno 67.0 km
Kyjov 67.7 km
Uherský Brod 70.6 km

Forecast: Olomouc Region

In the next few days, it's mostly cloudy. On Wednesday some sunny spells. However, thunderstorms will form on Tuesday and Wednesday . From 25 degrees on Wednesday the daily high will go down to 20 degrees on Thursday.



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