Varaždin Weather

  Th Aug 18 Fr Aug 19 Sa Aug 20 Su Aug 21
19°C 20°C 18°C 16°C
36°C 32°C 28°C 26°C
clear  clear  various clouds , showers and thunderstorms few clouds
sunny  various clouds , isolated showers various clouds , isolated showers various clouds , light rain
sunny  various clouds , isolated showers and thunderstorms mostly sunny  various clouds
clear  various clouds , showers and thunderstorms various clouds , light rain various clouds
Last updated: Th, 18 Aug, 03:42 BST
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Varaždin - Map
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Nearby Forecast Locations - Varaždin Distance
Prelog 17.1 km
Ludbreg 18.8 km
Slovenska Bistrica 21.1 km
Ormož 21.1 km
Ivanec 22.5 km
Mursko Središće 22.6 km
Lendava 26.5 km
Križevci 34.1 km
Koprivnica 37.3 km
Sveti Ivan Zelina 40.6 km
Krapina 41.6 km
Ptuj 41.8 km
Murska Sobota 41.9 km
Vrbovec 46.5 km
Nagykanizsa 47.8 km
Bad Radkersburg 52.5 km
Lenart 52.6 km
Dubrava 53.2 km
Puntijarka 53.4 km
Virje 54.0 km
Rogatec 54.7 km
Dugo Selo 56.9 km
Bjelovar 57.3 km
Maribor 57.5 km
Rogaška Slatina 58.2 km
Maksimir 60.2 km
Đurđevac 61.4 km
Zagreb Gric 64.3 km
Čazma 65.3 km

Forecast: Varaždin Region

Scattered clouds and sunny spells; both will be present in the coming days. On Friday thunderstorms are possible. The heat is decreasing: From 32 degrees on Friday the daily highs drop to 26 degrees on Sunday.



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