UK Forecast- September 16, 2014

Drizzle in east

Drier to west

/reports/2014/09/16/foc_0.gif Wednesday
The easterly wind continues to blow through the UK and Ireland on Wednesday. This will be bringing some cloud and outbreaks of drizzle over northeast England and eastern Scotland. Some sunny spells will break through the cloud in more southern and western areas. This afternoon sees cloud and some drizzle in eastern Scotland and the far northeast of England. Elsewhere it will be dry with sunny spells, the best of them to the west, although thicker cloud may affect southwest England. Highs at 17 to 25C.

/reports/2014/09/16/foc_1.gif Wednesday night
Continued low cloud and drizzle affecting the east of Scotland and far northeast of England overnight. Some low cloud and mist forming elsewhere, with a few spots of drizzle on hills, this most notable across the far southwest of England and southern Ireland. Lows of 8 to 12C.

/reports/2014/09/16/foc_2.gif Thursday
High pressure is northeast of Scotland with low pressure southwest of Ireland on Thursday. There will be rather a lot of cloud around through the morning and it will be murky too. Some outbreaks of drizzle on the hills of northern England and Scotland as well as Wales. Once or two showers across southwest England and Wales, these continuing into the afternoon. Eastern areas probably becoming brighter as the afternoon progresses. Highs at 17 to 26C.

/reports/2014/09/16/foc_3.gif Friday
Pressure falls across the UK and Ireland on Friday. There will be some showers breaking out across England, Wales and Ireland, some of them heavy and thundery in the west later. Higher pressure in Scotland bringing drier weather here and sunny spells, although there is a risk of some showers in the southwest. Thicker cloud arriving in the far northwest of Scotland later. Highs at 17 to 26C.


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