UK Forecast- October 23, 2014

Rain moving east Friday

Dry weekend for many

/reports/2014/10/23/foc_0.gif Friday
A wet start across Wales, the Midlands and southern England, with rain moving eastwards through the morning. Brightening up quickly for west Wales and south-west England, with brighter skies extending across the Midlands by the middle of the day. A few showers follow from the west through the afternoon, mixed in with some sunshine, but rain may persist in eastern England. Northern England, plus southern and eastern Scotland fare better overall, with just scattered showers during the day. Frequent showers or longer periods of rain for western Scotland. Showery for western Ireland, but brighter in the east. Breezy in northern Britain, and also breezy in the south-east. Temperatures between 11 and 15C for most.

/reports/2014/10/23/foc_1.gif Friday night
Winds increasing in north-western Britain and Ireland overnight, toward gale force around coasts and hills. Any residual rain clearing from eastern England, leaving a dry night for England, Wales and most of Ireland. Frequent bursts of rain for western Scotland, although very few east of the Highlands and south of the central belt. Showers for western Ireland. Where winds are lightest in south-eastern England, a few fog patches may form. Overnight lows typically 5 to 9C.

/reports/2014/10/23/foc_2.gif Saturday
Dry for England, Wales and Ireland on Saturday, with periods of sunshine, best toward the south and east. A few spits and spots in the breeze around the Irish Sea coasts and hills, although very likely staying dry. However, frequent rain for western Scotland, but again staying dry in eastern Scotland. Breezy from the Midlands northwards, and increasingly windy for northern Britain, with gales over the hills, and around coasts of north-western Scotland and Ireland. Highs 10 to 13C for northern Britain and Ireland, and 14 or 15C in the south.

/reports/2014/10/23/foc_3.gif Sunday
Most of England and Wales are expected to remain dry during Sunday, although a little rain may encroach into Cumbria and north-west Wales. Quite breezy in southern areas, and a lot of cloud. Best chance for sunshine in the far south and east. Windy for northern parts of Britain and Ireland, with gales over coasts and hills in Scotland. Frequent rain for western Scotland, and periods of rain too for northern and western areas of Ireland. Quite mild, highs 14 to 16C in the south, but a little cooler at 11 to 13C in the north.


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