UK Forecast- May 27, 2015

Cool and showery

Mainly dry in south on Thursday

/reports/2015/05/27/foc_0.gif Thursday
Low pressure centred north of Scotland brings an unpleasantly cool and showery day to northern Britain. A fresh westerly wind will drive showers from west to east throughout the day. Showers occasionally merging into longer periods of rain, spreading inland across western and north-western regions of Britain and Ireland. A few heavy bursts pushing further east by afternoon. A scattering of passing showers for the Midlands, but southern Britain should stay broadly dry with a little sunshine. Highs just 11 and 16C from north to south.

/reports/2015/05/27/foc_1.gif Thursday night
Clusters of showers will continue to affect western and north-western Britain and also western Ireland. These will fall as sleet or snow over the mountain tops of northern Britain, above about 600 or 700 metres. Central, southern and eastern Britain will be dry most of the night with broken cloud. A brisk westerly breeze. Overnight lows 5 to 8C.

/reports/2015/05/27/foc_2.gif Friday
An unsettled and showery day, as low pressure will remain centred north of the British Isles. Widespread and frequent pulses of showery rain, locally merging into a longer period of rain, turning heavy, particularly by afternoon. Risk of hail and thunder. Snow over the tops of the Scottish Highlands. Feeling cool in a blustery west to north-westerly wind. Temperatures struggling to do better than 10C in the north, up to 15 or 16C in southern Britain.

/reports/2015/05/27/foc_3.gif Saturday
Showery rain likely to affect northern Britain during the morning. A temporary ridge of high pressure builds from the south-west across the country, leading to a dry and bright day for many, with sunshine breaking through. Risk of locally heavy showers in eastern England into the afternoon. Late in the day, rain threatens from the west as fronts approach Ireland. Gusty winds developing. Highs 12 to 17C.


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