UK Forecast- July 27, 2014

A few showers

Warm, Sunny Spells

/reports/2014/07/27/foc_0.gif Monday
An area of showers across Wales will drift south into southwest England during the course of the morning. One or two showers may also develop across northern England, otherwise fine morning with sunny spells. We expect a good deal of dry weather with sunny spells across much of the country in the afternoon but there is a risk of some heavy showers running across eastern Wales and perhaps from East Anglia down towards the southeast. Maximum temperatures of 20 to 24 Celsius north to south.

/reports/2014/07/27/foc_1.gif Monday Night
This evening there is a threat of a few heavy showers across Kent. Most parts of the United Kingdom should have a fine, end to the day with some late sunshine. Overnight an area of rain spreads in across western Scotland and across western parts of Northern Ireland while there remains the risk of a few heavy showers across Kent. Expect minimum temperatures of 10 to 14 Celsius.

/reports/2014/07/27/foc_2.gif Tuesday
Warmer across the country today. We can also expect a good deal of fine, dry weather with sunny spells. There is a risk of some showers across western Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Much of the country should have a fine, dry evening as any showers soon fade away then overnight some rain and showers may affect western parts of Scotland. Expect maximum temperatures of 17 to 26 Celsius.

/reports/2014/07/27/foc_3.gif Wednesday
Scattered showers develop across Northern Ireland, Scotland and a few across northern England. For Wales and central and southern parts of England should be a fine, dry day with plenty of warm sunshine on offer. Most parts of the country will remain dry through the evening and night, although some patchy light rain is forecast for western parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Expect maximum temperatures of 18 to 24 Celsius.


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