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UK Forecast- August 29, 2016

Dry and warm Tuesday

Rain overnight north-west

/reports/2016/08/29/foc_0.gif Tuesday
High pressure across southern Britain brings a fair day to most places. Plenty of sunshine, best in east & southern areas, particularly around coasts. Cloudier skies in the west & north. Murky around some Irish Sea coasts in the morning, but should improve. Rain reaches western Ireland later. Light winds and sea breezes in southern Britain. A fresher southerly breeze in the west & north. Highs 19 to 25C, warmest inland across south-east England.

/reports/2016/08/29/foc_1.gif Tuesday night
Rain extends across Ireland, and develops for western Scotland toward nightfall on Tuesday, setting in for several hours overnight, heavy over the mountains. Outbreaks of rain reach west Wales & north-west England later in the night. Patchy rain in the south-west. Dry elsewhere, but thickening cloud from the west. Rain clears from Ireland before dawn. A freshening southerly breeze for all, strongest in west & north. Mild, lows 12 to 16C.

/reports/2016/08/29/foc_2.gif Wednesday
A weakening cold front passes south-eastwards. Some rain in the west & north-west, may persist for a few hours, but fading. Patchy rain drifting east across Wales into the Midlands. Scattered showers follow into north-western Britain & Ireland. Some sunshine in south-east England, but cloud will thicken, chance a light shower later. A fresh south-westerly breeze in the north. Highs 16 to 19C north & west, 21 to 23C central areas, 25C south-east.

/reports/2016/08/29/foc_3.gif Thursday
High pressure across southern Britain brings a dry and warm day to many places. Plenty of sunshine, best in the south & east. High cloud may thicken in the north-west as fronts approach from the Atlantic. Risk of rain later for Northern Ireland & far west of Scotland. Light winds and coastal sea breezes. A freshening southerly breeze in the west. Highs 16 to 19C north & west, 20 to 23C south & east.


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