UK Forecast- July 04, 2015

Heavy bands of showers

Mostly unsettled

/reports/2015/07/04/foc_0.gif Sunday
An area of heavy, possibly thundery rain spreads in across south eastern parts of England into East Anglia this morning that looks to clear away to the east towards the latter part of the afternoon. As it does so another area of heavy showery rain with a risk of thunder moves in across Northern Ireland, Wales and south west England during the morning and then into central and northern parts of England during the afternoon. Heavy showers will also affect Scotland as well. Expect highs of 18 to 23 Celsius.

/reports/2015/07/04/foc_1.gif Sunday night
This evening an area of heavy, showery rain looks to affect Scotland and north east England perhaps into the Wash before moving away in the early part of the night. Elsewhere it's a fine evening with some late sunshine ahead of a dry night with clear spells. Expect lows of 10 to 13 Celsius.

/reports/2015/07/04/foc_2.gif Monday
For central and southern parts of England it should remain fine and dry for much of the day with the best of the sunshine across the south east and along the channel coasts. The remainder of the country turns cloudy as an area of rain gradually spreads in from the west during the course of the day. A very windy day to come across the northern half of the country. In the evening this rain looks heavy across northern England, Wales and southern Scotland. Overnight it stays dry across East Anglia and the south west but rather wet and breezy. for the rest of the country. Expect top temperatures of 17 to 23 Celsius.

/reports/2015/07/04/foc_3.gif Tuesday
Tuesday is looking quite unsettled with a good deal of cloud and lots of showers and rain. In the afternoon expect sunshine, cloud and showers, some locally heavy. It becomes increasingly windy into the evening and the night. Most of the showers tend to fade away in the evening while some rain may linger across northern parts of England and Northern Ireland. Expect top temperatures of 14 to 23 Celsius.


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