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UK Forecast- March 16, 2018

A wintry weekend

Locally frequent snow

/reports/2018/03/16/foc_0.gif Saturday
High pressure over Scandinavia sends freezing cold air across the British Isles on bitter easterly winds. Areas of snow flurries, locally persistent. The far south may see a mix of snow or rain near the coast. Into the afternoon, bands of frequent snow will come in from the east to affect central-northern England, giving 5-10cm or locally more into the evening. Driest and brightest near coasts in the west & north-west. Temperatures just 2 to 5C, highest in the west.

/reports/2018/03/16/foc_1.gif Saturday night
Continued bands of snow showers will feed inland from the North Sea toward the Pennines and Midlands, perhaps extending across the north Wales. South-eastern coasts also prone to locally frequent snow. Drifting over the hills in near-gale force easterly winds. Snow flurries or showers are possible almost anywhere, resulting in widespread icy roads. Temperatures -1 to -3C, but sheltered spots may dip slightly lower, especially in Scotland.

/reports/2018/03/16/foc_2.gif Sunday
Remaining freezing cold for all, with strong and bitter easterly winds for England & Wales. Areas of snow likely to affect the south-west for several hours, locally heavy. Rain likely just around the coast. Snow flurries elsewhere, but becoming little more than a few flakes in the wind. Occasional sunshine, best toward western Scotland. Tempertaures barely lifting above freezing for most places, highs 3 or 4C around western coasts.

/reports/2018/03/16/foc_3.gif Monday
High pressure resides to the north-west of Britain, bringing a dry day to most of the country. Rare brief drizzly showers or snow flurries around coasts in the east & south. Fairly cloudy skies, but some sunny breaks, best toward the west. A cool north-easterly breeze, strongest in southern regions, but light winds for Scotland and Northern Ireland. A frosty start, -2 to -5C or locally below at dawn. Chilly, but less cold than the weekend, highs 3 to 6C.


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