UK Forecast- May 26, 2015

Drizzly rain spreads from west

Turning cool and showery

/reports/2015/05/26/foc_0.gif Wednesday
A ridge of high pressure resides across southern Britain, bringing dry conditions to the south and east, and sunshine before clouds thicken from the west. Fronts moving in off the Atlantic bring patchy rain to Ireland, spreading eastwards. Drizzly rain for western Scotland and Wales will become persistent. Also turning dull and damp for northern England and the Midlands by the end of the afternoon. A freshening westerly breeze. Temperatures 15 to 19C, warmest in the south, but nearer 12C for Scotland and north-west England.

/reports/2015/05/26/foc_1.gif Wednesday night
By Wednesday evening many areas will be overcast with extensive low cloud. Overnight, patchy light rain and drizzle continues to move east across central and eastern England, perhaps a little in southern counties. Rain remains persistent for a few hours in the north-west. Ireland will see clearing skies, although a few showers may come and go. Breezy across the country. Lows between 6 and 10C.

/reports/2015/05/26/foc_2.gif Thursday
Low pressure centred north of Scotland will drive showers from west to east throughout the day. During the morning, showers may locally cluster together, spreading inland into western and north-western regions of Britain and Ireland. A few heavy bursts pushing further east by afternoon. A scattering of passing showers for the Midlands and southern Britain. A little sunshine. Temperatures rather disappointing, between 11 and 16C from north to south.

/reports/2015/05/26/foc_3.gif Friday
An unsettled and showery day, as low pressure will remain centred over northern Scotland. Widespread and frequent pulses of showery rain, turning heavy, particularly by afternoon, locally with hail and thunder. Feeling cool in a blustery west to north-westerly wind. Temperatures struggling to do better than 10C in the north, up to 15 or 16C in southern Britain.


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