UK Forecast- October 05, 2015

Dry, sunny spells

Morning mist & fog

/reports/2015/10/05/foc_0.gif Saturday
Mist and fog patches to start the day on Saturday. These are going to be clearing to leave the day dry with sunny spells for many. There is likely to be more cloud around than on recent days and so perhaps not as warm for many of us. Thicker coud and some spots of light rain or drizzle affecting the northwest of Scotland. Temperatures getting to around 15 to 18C for most.

/reports/2015/10/05/foc_1.gif Saturday night
A chilly night into Saturday morning. Mist and fog patches are likely by dawn across much of England, Wales and southern and eastern Scotland as well as Ireland. Again the cloud and patchy rain affecting the far northwest of Scotland, but dry elsewhere. Lows near 3 to 8C.

/reports/2015/10/05/foc_2.gif Sunday
High pressure gets eroded away to the east on Sunday, with lower pressure developing to the southwest of the country. Morning mist and fog patches clearing to leave much of northern and eastern England, Sotland and Northern Ireland fair with sunny spells. After a fair start cloud is going to be increasing across Wales, southwest England and southern Ireland, with fronts bringing rain into these areas late in the afternoon. Winds picking up to the southwest later too. Tops at 14 to 19C.

/reports/2015/10/05/foc_3.gif Monday
A brisk southerly flow through Monday with low pressure to the west. This pushes bands of rain northwards, mostly affecting more western areas in the morning, with persistent rain in Scotland. The rain tending to be patchier in the east, but then a further spells of more persistent rain reaching Ireland, England and Wales through the afternoon, tracking northwards. Tops around a muggy 14 to 18C.


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