UK Forecast- September 01, 2014

Mostly Dry

Rather Cloudy

/reports/2014/09/01/foc_0.gif Tuesday
With high pressure building in across the United Kingdom, for much of the country it's going to be a fair, dry day to come. Most central and eastern parts of England are likely to be rather cloudy with some morning mistiness. A few widely scattered showers are possible from Lincolnshire down through East Anglia, otherwise be dry. Best of the sunshine will be in the west with maximum temperatures of 18 to 21 Celsius.

/reports/2014/09/01/foc_1.gif Tuesday Night
Still the risk of one or two isolated showers across eastern parts of England but these will fade away during the evening. For much of the country it's going to remain dry through the evening and the night and were likely to see a good deal of low cloud developing. Expect minimum temperatures of 8 to 13 Celsius.

/reports/2014/09/01/foc_2.gif Wednesday
Wednesday promises to be a warmer day. Apart from a few scattered showers in the northwest of Scotland, it's going to remain dry across the country. We may still find a good deal of cloud, but there should be some sunny spells mixed in there as well and in the sunshine it will feel quite warm. It remains fine and dry to the evening and night with fog patches developing by morning. Maximum temperatures of 18 to 24 Celsius.

/reports/2014/09/01/foc_3.gif Thursday
Another fair and dry day to come across England and Wales with sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud. More in the way of shower activity is expected across much of Scotland and Northern Ireland and a few could be on the heavy side. By evening the showers will have faded all parts of the country then dry into the evening and night. Where skies are clear, could see a few dense fog patches developing. Maximum temperatures of 19 to 24 Celsius.


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