UK Forecast- April 21, 2015

Sun west & south

Cloudier east & north

/reports/2015/04/21/foc_0.gif Wednesday
High pressure brings another dry day to all parts of the UK today. There will be more cloud in northern and eastern areas where it is also going to be feeling chilly. More western and southern parts see the best of the sunshine and this situation is likely to be continuing throughout the day. Temperatures rising to 12C in northern Scotland and along eastern coasts of England, 16C in the sunshine to the south and west.

/reports/2015/04/21/foc_1.gif Wednesday night
A dry night ahead with skies tending to be clear across much of southern and western England and Wales, although cloud tending to increase across southern England later. More cloud in the east of England and over much of Scotland. Where there are clear spells temperatures will be falling quickly with a frost forming in sheltered areas. Lows of 6C in the cloud, but down to 0C under the clearer skies.

/reports/2015/04/21/foc_2.gif Thursday
Pressure starts to fall through the UK and Ireland on Thursday. A weak front passes north over more western areas and this brings the risk of an odd shower here and there. Further east there will be broken cloud and some bright spells, the best sunshine probably in southern Scotland. Northern and eastern areas will be drier with some brighter or sunny spells. Highs near 21C in the sunshine on eastern coasts, 12C in cloud in the northwest.

/reports/2015/04/21/foc_3.gif Friday
Low pressure developing to the southwest of Ireland today. Further fronts passing northeast bringing cloud and showery rain to Ireland, western and southern England and Wales but drier east at first. This tending to turn more intense over northern Ireland, northwest England and southern Scotland. Turning drier to the southwest later in the day. Highs at a warm 20C in southeast England, 8C in the far north of Scotland.


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