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UK Forecast- April 29, 2016

Scattered showers Saturday

Milder than recent days

/reports/2016/04/29/foc_0.gif Saturday
A chilly start, frost in rural parts at dawn. Scattered showers around western coasts will spread inland, these wintry over hill tops in the north, but falling as rain for most. Showers will break out across the Midlands and eastern England by early afternoon, becoming locally heavy and slow-moving, although very hit and miss. Sunny spells, generally best in morning. A light or moderate westerly breeze. Highs 9 to 13C, warmest south.

/reports/2016/04/29/foc_1.gif Saturday night
Fronts will spread off the Atlantic, bringing rain to Ireland on Saturday evening, and western Britain overnight. Heaviest falls across western hills. By dawn, rain will affect much of Scotland, Wales & north-west England. Central and eastern England stay dry overnight, where clear spells may result in a slight frost. Lows 0 to 3C, but temperatures should rise back to 5 to 8C in western regions as cloud and rain spread in.

/reports/2016/04/29/foc_2.gif Sunday
Fronts move slowly east across Britain. A swathe of rain will extend from south-west to north-east in the morning, and will soon advance across the Midlands, although should largely fade to drizzle before reaching the south-east. Murky, damp conditions will persist for Wales and south-west of England, also much of Ireland. Western Scotland largely dry, but rain returns from the west later. Breezy for most. Highs 11 to 14C.

/reports/2016/04/29/foc_3.gif May Day Monday
Low pressure to the north pushes fronts into north-western Britain. A breezy day for all, the strongest winds toward the north. Persistent rain in the north-west will extend gradually south and east, although central & south-east England should escape dry until late in the day. Early sunshine in the east will give way to thickening cloud. Sunshine and showers later for Ireland & western Scotland. Temperatures 10 to 15C, warmest east.


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