Month ahead - October 01, 2014
Valid from 06/10 to 31/10 2014
Rain at first

Issued: Wednesday 1st October 2014
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling & Captain Bob

An unsettled start, but improving later

Low pressure looks set to take control of conditions through the middle of May. It may become wet, windy and cool with a risk of some overnight frosts. however, there is growing confidence in the idea of a build in pressure at the end of the month which could bring sunshine and warm weather for all.

*6/10/14 - 10/10/14*
Low pressure is likely to be bringing an unsettled week. There will be periods of cloud, showers and rain. It is going to be cooler than recently and it will be windy too. Temperatures are going to be mild overall, although there are some hints of cooler weather arriving in the north and west later.

*11/10/14 - 17/10/14*
An odd day may be dry during this week, but generally low pressure is expected to be in control again. This brings more periods of showers or rain. Eastern areas could be drier with pressure building, and this tendency to higher pressure increases through the week.

*18/10/14 - 24/10/14*
Indications are that higher pressure becomes a feature across the country. It is likely to be dry, although an increasing risk of some fog overnight and a chance of frosty mornings. Daytime temperatures around normal.

*25/10/14 - 31/10/14
The area of high pressure remains at the end of the month. Dry weather is likely to prevail, although with clear skies overnight there will be further fog and frost.

Simon & Capn Bob
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