Week ahead - August 03, 2022
Winds ease
Becoming largely dry

Issued: 0900 Wednesday 3rd August 2022
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Settled weather moves in with warmer temperatures next week

Low pressure moves out and high pressure ridges over the next couple of days pulling in a cooler and fresher northwesterly wind flow for the end of the week. High pressure and settled weather looks likely through next week with temperatures climbing to very warm highs in the south.

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Saturday 6/8/22
High pressure remains over most areas on Saturday and is likely to be centred just west of Ireland. It should be a fair day with good spells of sunshine across England, Wales and Ireland. More cloud cover across Scotland and Northern Ireland with the outbreaks of rain affecting northern Scotland. Highs around 17 to 25C.

Sunday 7/8/22
High pressure centred over Ireland on Sunday will give another dry and fine day for most. It will start to feel that bit warmer too as the flow shifts more south-westerly. More variable cloud cover and patchy rain affecting the far north of Scotland. Highs at 20 to 26C.

Monday 8/8/22
Pressure stays high on Monday giving a dry day with plenty of lasting sunshine, once any mist and fog patches lift first thing, though once again northwest Scotland seeing more cloud and today some persistent spells of rain. Brisk winds here too. Highs at a warm 19 to 28C.

Tuesday 9/8/22
Currently a similar day to Monday with plenty of dry and sunny weather about. Always more cloud cover for the northwestern region of Scotland though with a stiff south-westerly wind here. Highs at 19 up to a very warm 29C.

Wednesday 10/8/22
High pressure remains the dominant weather feature through midweek. A dry day is expected to all with lasting sunshine for many, though some mist and fog patches are likely first thing. Highs at 19C to a hot 31C across parts of southern England.

Thursday 11/8/22
A dry, sunny and very warm day is currently expected on Thursday, though always more cloud cover across the Northern Isles. Once again mist and fog patches are likely to be around first thing but will soon lift to sunshine. Highs perhaps pull back to around 17 to 26C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th, 04.08. various clouds, rain 17° - 26° 90%
Fr, 05.08. various clouds, light rain 17° - 24° 85%
Sa, 06.08. various clouds, light rain 17° - 24° 80%
Su, 07.08. various clouds 20° - 27° 75%
Mo, 08.08. mostly sunny 19° - 28° 70%
Tu, 09.08. mostly sunny 21° - 29° 60%
We, 10.08. mostly sunny 19° - 31° 55%
Th, 11.08. mostly sunny 16° - 26° 50%
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