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Week ahead - July 21, 2021
Wet weekend?
Less hot

Issued: 0800 Wednesday 21st July 2021
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Potential for some heavy, thundery rain over the weekend, mixed next week, less hot

A couple more days of hot weather ahead, but with less sunshine for some. By the weekend the weather turns much more unsettled in England and Wales. Thundery rain is likely, with some torrential thunderstorms forming into Sunday and Monday, perhaps leading to some flooding. Still warm next week but not as hot and more mixed too.

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Saturday 24/7/21
An area of low pressure will be across southern areas on Saturday. Cloud and areas of thundery rain will be affecting much of England and Wales as well as eastern Ireland. This rain reaching northern England too. The far south of England may become drier for a time, a few bright spells coming through. For Scotland and northern parts of Ireland it is likely to be dry, although some low cloud may affect eastern coasts. Highs at 25C in any sunshine in the south, more widely 21 to 23C, 25C in sunshine in western Scotland and 17C in cloud on eastern coasts.

Sunday 25/7/21
Low pressure affecting England, Wales and southern Scotland on Sunday. This brings spells of rain, some of it thundery and heavy, and remaining misty in central and eastern areas. There is a risk of flooding in parts of England Getting brighter in Ireland and western Scotland, some sunny spells here too. Highs at 19 to 23C.

Monday 26/7/21
Low pressure over the east of the UK on Monday. This is going to be bringing another unsettled day with a mix of bright or sunny spells and heavy, thundery showers. The showers could be torrential in places, especially central and eastern England. A risk of flooding. Some rain for eastern Scotland. Drier Ireland and western Scotland, a few sunny spells here. Highs at 19 to 23C.

Tuesday 27/7/21
Low pressure is expected close to eastern Scotland on Tuesday. The northwest wind brings sunny spells and a few showers, most around northern and western coasts and hills. Drier east and south. Highs at 18 to 23C.

Wednesday 28/7/21
Wednesday is set to be a more mixed day. Some rain and showers affecting northern and western areas with low pressure close by. It may be that the showers are fewer to the south and east, some brighter spells here too. Tops at 23C in southeastern areas, 18C in northern Scotland.

Thursday 29/7/21
Rain may affect northern and eastern Scotland on Thursday. Showery bursts of rain over eastern England, as more persistent rain clears from southern England. Brighter and drier weather may follow to Ireland and western parts of the UK. Highs at 18 to 22C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th, 22.07. various clouds 23° - 28° 90%
Fr, 23.07. various clouds 23° - 28° 85%
Sa, 24.07. cloudy, rain 17° - 25° 80%
Su, 25.07. various clouds, heavy showers and thunderstorms 19° - 23° 75%
Mo, 26.07. various clouds, heavy showers and thunderstorms 19° - 23° 70%
Tu, 27.07. various clouds, rain 18° - 23° 65%
We, 28.07. various clouds, rain 18° - 23° 60%
Th, 29.07. various clouds, heavy rain 18° - 22° 55%
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