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Week ahead - September 29, 2021
Wet and windy

Issued: 0900 Wednesday 29th September 2021
Duty forecaster: Alexi Venerus

Rain, showers and high winds. Chilly for many too.

Unsettled weather through much of the forecast period with spells of rain, heavy at times, as well as strengthened winds, gales in places. Brief ridges of high pressure do allow for short breaks in the weather. Chilly for many, particularly the north, though milder on some days further south.

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Saturday 2/10/21
Low pressure is expected to be to the north of Scotland on Saturday. This brings heavy periods of rain in Ireland with further rain in western Scotland and parts of Wales. Drier in eastern and southern areas. Windy for all, especially the west. Highs at 16C in the south but nearer 10 to 12C in the rain in the north and west.

Sunday 3/10/21
Low pressure is in control of the weather again through Sunday. Fronts wrapped around the low bring heavy periods of rain, this potentially lasting all day in central and northern Scotland. Showers and brighter spells following from the west, the showers heavy in the west. A windy day again. Highs at 11 to 16C in the south, a chilly 8 to 10C further north.

Monday 4/10/21
A westerly flow dominates through Monday. This brings further showers to western areas, while eastern parts are likely to be brighter and staying mainly dry. Cloud thickening across the southwest of England with rain moving in here later. Less breezy. Highs at 12 to 16C.

Tuesday 5/10/21
Rain will push through Wales, central and southern England first thing before clearing off over the North Sea as the morning progresses. More rain could push in behind after a brief dry period here. Drier and brighter further north, however, showers likely across western regions. Highs at 12 to 15C.

Wednesday 6/10/21
A weak ridge of high pressure may build through Wednesday. This brings a brighter day with sunny spells and dry weather. Increasing cloud in western areas bringing some drizzle to western Ireland and western Scotland. Less windy. Highs at 17C in the south, 12C in northwest Scotland.

Thursday 7/10/21
A largely dry start but rain pushing in to northern and western areas through the day. The south and southeast looking to remain dry. Winds pick up slightly. Highs at 12 to 16C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th, 30.09. cloudy, rain 11° - 16° 90%
Fr, 01.10. cloudy, rain 10° - 17° 85%
Sa, 02.10. cloudy, rain 11° - 16° 80%
Su, 03.10. various clouds, rain  - 16° 75%
Mo, 04.10. various clouds, light rain 12° - 16° 60%
Tu, 05.10. cloudy, rain 12° - 15° 50%
We, 06.10. various clouds, light rain 12° - 17° 50%
Th, 07.10. various clouds, rain 12° - 16° 40%
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