Week ahead - August 05, 2022
Very warm, dry south
Cloudier, cooler far north

Issued: 0900 Friday 5th August 2022
Duty forecaster: Simon Keeling

Very warm, perhaps hot in the south, but cloudier and cooler in far north

Turning warmer through the weekend and into next week as high pressure dominates the weather over the British Isles. It is going to be mostly dry too, although some light rain may brush northern coasts of Scotland from time to time. Hints of some cloud and patchy rain over eastern areas in a weeks time, although confidence in this change is low.

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Monday 8/8/22
High pressure remains dominant across the British Isles on Monday. There will be a weak front close to northwest Scotland and this may bring some cloud and a few spots of rain. Overall though the day is dry with lengthy spells of sunshine for most. Always a risk of some cloud drifting onto eastern coasts. Highs could get to 30C in southern England, 23 to 28C for most and 17C in northwest Scotland.

Tuesday 9/8/22
Dry again through Tuesday with high pressure remaining. Best of the sunshine tending to be in southern and eastern areas. A few showers may affect the far northwest of Scotland. Other areas staying dry. Tops at 23 to 29C but as high as 32C in southern England.

Wednesday 10/8/22
High pressure is in control of the weather again through Wednesday. Fair with plenty of sunshine for all. Breezy in southern England and very warm too. Highs at 33C in the south, 19C in northern Scotland.

Thursday 11/8/22
A weak front brings cloud and some patchy rain to the far northwest of Scotland. Other areas remain under high pressure. Some broken cloud could affect eastern coasts, but this breaking to leave sunny spells. Fair for other areas with more sunshine and very warm again. Highs at 31C in southern England, 22C on eastern coasts, 15C in any cloud in northwest Scotland.

Friday 12/8/22
Staying very warm or hot through Friday. A chance of some rain in the far northwest of Scotland. Other areas will be dry and sunny. A northeast breeze in many areas and this may bring a little cloud to eastern coasts from time to time. Highs at 33C in southern England, 18C in northern Scotland.

Saturday 13/8/22
There is a chance of some showers and cloud affecting eastern areas on Saturday. Further west it should be dry with sunny spells. Highs at 17 to 28C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Sa, 06.08. various clouds 15° - 25° 90%
Su, 07.08. various clouds, light rain 15° - 28° 85%
Mo, 08.08. mostly sunny 17° - 30° 80%
Tu, 09.08. mostly sunny 23° - 32° 75%
We, 10.08. mostly sunny 23° - 33° 70%
Th, 11.08. mostly sunny 22° - 31° 65%
Fr, 12.08. various clouds 16° - 33° 65%
Sa, 13.08. various clouds, isolated showers and thunderstorms 17° - 28° 60%
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