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Week ahead - November 02, 2019
Unsettled, rain frequent
Cold later next week

Issued: 0930hrs Saturday 2nd November 2019
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

Frequent outbreaks of rain this weekend with gales for some

It's a complicated weather story heading into the weekend and beyond, but the overall theme is unsettled, with more heavy rain in the forecast. This brings a threat of further flooding. Gales are possible at times. Temperatures will briefly rise through the weekend before becoming chilly again next week.

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Tuesday 05/11/19
The wind continues to turn northeasterly across the country into midweek, with temperatures falling for most places. Clusters of showers spreading inland from North Sea and north-facing coasts. Frequent showers for southeastern areas. Brisk and chilly winds. Highs 6 to 11C, 12 or 13C along the south coast and to the far southeast.

Wednesday 06/11/19
Pressure may build a little from the west at first, with drier conditions for many, but a greater risk of frost in the morning. Cloud builds from the west with outbreaks of rain for southern and western parts of the UK and Ireland later. Staying dry but dull to the east. Highs 5 to 9C.

Thursday 07/11/19
Another zone of low pressure affects southern parts of the country with renewed heavy rain here. Some hill snow in the north and scattered showers elsewhere. Blustery winds with a risk of gales. Highs at 5 to 8C.


Friday 08/11/19
Staying mixed as several low pressure centres circulate around the UK and Ireland. Sunny spells, showers and outbreaks of rain. High temperatures at 4 to 9C.

Saturday 09/11/19
Several low pressure centres continue to spiral around the British Isles. Outbreaks of rain for some, showers for many with sunny spells in between. Highs at 5 to 10C.

Sunday 10/11/19
Low pressure eases to the southeast bringing further showers here. Drier and brighter to the north and west with just occasional showers. Highs at 6 to 10C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Su, 03.11. various clouds, rain  - 13° 90%
Mo, 04.11. various clouds, rain  - 12° 80%
Tu, 05.11. various clouds, light rain  - 13° 70%
We, 06.11. cloudy, rain  -  60%
Th, 07.11. various clouds, sleet  -  50%
Fr, 08.11. various clouds, sleet  -  50%
Sa, 09.11. various clouds, rain  - 10° 40%
Su, 10.11. various clouds, light rain  - 10° 30%
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