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Week ahead - January 26, 2019
Cool with wintry showers

Issued: 1000hrs Saturday 26th January 2019
Duty forecaster: Claire Darbinyan

Feeling wintry and unsettled

Chilly and unsettled weather patterns are expected to prevail through late January and into February. Temperatures will vary between cool and cold. Some days will see rain, while others bring a greater risk of snow and ice, but precise day-to-day detail is very uncertain at this time.

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Tuesday 29/01/19
A northwesterly airflow is likely to affect the UK and Ireland on Tuesday bringing cold temperatures to northern and western areas. Icy patches are likely in the north and west while a widespread frost will affect most areas in the morning. Showers, with a mix of rain, snow and sleet for western coastal areas and across the West Midlands. Sunny spells further inland and across the southeast. High temperatures at 0 to 5C.

Wednesday 30/01/19
A west to northwesterly flow persists. A very cold start to the day with a widespread hard frost and ice patches. A few wintry showers for northern and western areas with the risk of a frontal system moving in across central-southern Britain later in the day, producing a more persistent mix of rain and snow. Highs at 0 to 6C, locally higher in the far south and southwest.

Thursday 31/01/19
A low pressure area may track over southern Britain which would bring a disruptive mixture of high winds and persistent snow to northern areas; high winds and persistent rain to southern areas. Detail is highly uncertain at this lead time. Highs at 0 to 4C in the north, 6 to 10C in the south.

Friday 01/02/19
A northwesterly flow may re-establish bringing cool temperatures and unsettled weather. An ongoing risk of high winds and wintry showers. High temperatures at 4 to 7C.

Saturday 02/02/19
Low pressure remains close by bringing chilly and unsettled conditions. If low pressure moves to the east it could be a brighter day for many with some scattered wintry showers. Detail remains uncertain. Highs at 2 to 7C.

Sunday 03/02/19
Early indications are that low pressure will remain dominant on Sunday with a risk of a more persistent, organised band of rain and snow affecting the UK and Ireland. Detail continues to be highly uncertain. Highs at 3 to 7C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Su, 27.01. various clouds, sleet  -  80%
Mo, 28.01. various clouds, light sleet  -  70%
Tu, 29.01. various clouds, sleet  -  60%
We, 30.01. various clouds, light sleet  -  50%
Th, 31.01. various clouds, sleet  - 10° 40%
Fr, 01.02. various clouds, light sleet  -  30%
Sa, 02.02. various clouds, light sleet  -  30%
Su, 03.02. various clouds, snow  -  30%
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