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Week ahead - January 03, 2018
Turning Colder
Lot of Dry Weather

Turning colder in association with east or north-easterly winds

A change in the weather is on the way to end the week and through into the weekend as much colder and drier weather develops.

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Saturday 6/1/18
Low pressure is expected to slip away southwards, allowing colder air to spread from the north-east. Rain or increasingly snow to low levels, locally persistent in the south but this clearing through the day. Some snow showers then developing across parts of E Scotland and E England for a time. Generally windy and cold in north-easterly winds. Brightest toward the west & north-west. Feeling bitterly cold in the wind, widespread frosts by night. Highs 2C to 5C.

Sunday 7/1/18
High pressure is set to topple down into the British Isles and this will mean a lot of dry weather after a cold and frosty start, harsh frost in places too. Some patchy rain, sleet and snow possible across the far north-east of Scotland, otherwise a lot of dry weather through the day with winter sunshine. Cold or very cold. Highs 1C to 5C.

Monday 8/1/18
Frost and ice likely widespread. Cold or very cold overnight temperatures in Scotland and perhaps northern England. Largely a dry and bright day, best sun in the west. Snow flurries for east & south-eastern England are possible. Highs 1C to 4C.


Tuesday 9/1/18
Staying widely cold. A very cold east to southeasterly wind for many areas. Largely dry, but local snow flurries possible. Some wet weather perhaps moving into Ireland later. Highs 1C to 4C.


Wednesday 10/1/18
Weather systems over the Atlantic may encroach toward Britain, bringing a chance of rain, sleet and snow across Ireland, but otherwise a continuation of the mainly dry but cold weather is expected elsewhere with further overnight frosts. Highs 2C to 6C.

Thursday 11/18
Uncertainties over the details, but a continuation of the cold or very cold E or SE'ly winds are possible later next week with some snow flurries possible in the east and south-east, but otherwise further dry and sunny weather is expected with overnight frosts. Low risk alternative of less-cold and more unsettled weather moving in from the west. 1C to 6C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Th, 04.01. cloudy, rain  - 10° 85%
Fr, 05.01. various clouds, light rain  -  75%
Sa, 06.01. various clouds, light snow  -  65%
Su, 07.01. various clouds  -  50%
Mo, 08.01. various clouds  -  45%
Tu, 09.01. various clouds, light snow  -  40%
We, 10.01. various clouds, light snow  -  35%
Th, 11.01. various clouds, light snow  -  30%