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Week ahead - October 06, 2018
Rain in the northwest
Temperatures rising

Issued: 1000 Saturday 6th October 2018
Duty forecaster: David Hulse

Mainly settled in the south and east but with spells of rain or drizzle for northwestern areas.

The main focus on rain during the week is across the north and west with brighter skies for the east and south of the British Isles. Cool under any cloud and rain but with an overall trend for rising temperatures and becoming warm at times, especially in southern and eastern parts.

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Tuesday 09/10/18
A weak ridge of high pressure over Southern Britain with a waving frontal trough over Scotland and Northern Ireland edging north. Rain continues to affect Scotland and Northern Ireland but will start to move north. England and Wales will be dry with skies becoming mostly sunny. Breezy for much of the time in the north and west. Highs 13 to 18C.

Wednesday 10/10/18
High pressure to the east of the British Isles with low pressure to the southwest of Ireland deepening and moving north. Some rain or drizzle in the north and west of Scotland at first, otherwise dry with a good deal of sunshine. Highs 14 to 18C in the north, a warmer 19 to 21C in the south.

Thursday 11/10/18
Low pressure to the west of Ireland will continue to deepen and move north, while another deep low tracking east-northeast into the mid-Atlantic, will drive a weakening frontal trough east across the British Isles. Spells of sunshine but cloudier at times with some rain or drizzle, especially in western areas where it will be breezy. Highs 18 to 21C, locally 23C in the southeast.

Friday 12/10/18
A complex low will become centred near to Iceland, with a cold front moving east into the north and west of Scotland and Ireland. Rain, some heavy spreading east into Ireland and Scotland, although the east of Scotland will remain dry for much of the time. Possibly a little rain or drizzle in the north and west of England and Wales but mostly dry with some sunshine. Highs 13 to 19C.

Saturday 13/10/18
A waving front will affect the north and west, with a ridge of high pressure over the south and east of Britain. Rain, still, for Ireland and Scotland but dry for much of the time in Eastern parts. England and Wales dry with spells of sunshine, often hazy. Highs 13 to 18C in the north, 20 to 23C in the south.

Sunday 14/10/18
High pressure will build across Britain and Ireland, with the waving frontal trough in the north and west weakening. Rain or drizzle over Ireland and the north and west of Scotland will become light and patchy. Apart from, perhaps, a little drizzle in the northwest England and Wales will be dry with some sunshine. Highs 18 to 22C.

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Week Ahead
General Remarks
Su, 07.10 various clouds, light rain 10° - 15° 90%
Mo, 08.10 various clouds, light rain 12° - 17° 80%
Tu, 09.10 various clouds, light rain 13° - 18° 70%
We, 10.10 mostly sunny 14° - 21° 60%
Th, 11.10 various clouds, light rain 18° - 23° 50%
Fr, 12.10 various clouds, light rain 13° - 19° 50%
Sa, 13.10 various clouds, light rain 13° - 23° 40%
Su, 14.10 mostly sunny 18° - 22° 30%
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